Fanny Films 13 - Dial A Model. US produced loop with audio (music). Fanny Films 8mm color sex film series. Hardcore sex.
Lusty Ladies 349 – Cram Party 1. 8mm color sex Lusty Ladies loop. Film Collectors Association. Featuring Anna Ventura, Jane Sikes, Bill Walton, Ray Wells and Tom James. US published, 1980s. Classic, 8mm film, hardcore sex.
Diamond Collection 322 - Super Saleslady. Diamond Collection 8mm loop, featuring Pamela Jennings and unknown male. US produced. Classic, 8mm Film, Twosome Sex, Sexy Mature Girl, Hardcore Sex. With audio.
Pleasure Production 1028 – Get Up and Get Down. US Pleasure Production(s), featuring Candy Shields and Michael Morrison. Pleasure Production 1000 series. US produced film. Classic, 8mm Film, Twosome Sex, Hardcore Sex.
Bizarre Life 302 - Madame Dominique - Sex. Diplomat film presents “Bizarre Life”. Super 8mm color sex film, with audio (reel running). Danish produced. Classic, 8mm film, fetish, bondage, blowjob, facials.
Bentley Production 513 - Equal Opportunity Orgy. 8mm hardcore sex film, featuring Lisa K Loring, Jonathon Younger and Michael Morrison. Super 8 - Sound (music). Classic, 8mm Film, Threesome Sex.
Wara 112 - Music for Teens. Super 8mm color sex Wara Film & Ton GmbH loop series. 150 meter film. Germany published. Group sex. Classic, 8mm film, hairy pussy, blowjob, hardcore, lesbian sex.
Tabu Film 45 - Die Bisexuellen. Super 8mm color sex Tabu Film Programm loop. Insiders loop series. 100 meter – super 8 color. Classic, 8mm film, legal teens, skinny, blonde, hot body, blowjob, hardcore sex, facials.
Best of Ribu 225 - Taxi-Sex. Ribu Film - film footage from adult feature film “Pensionnat de jeunes filles (1981)”. Featuring Marilyn Jess. Classic, 8mm film, sexy girl, hardcore sex, facial.
Elfra Film H-2. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, featuring Sharon Mitchell and Susaye London. Germany published, US filmed. Classic, 8mm film, sexy girl, brunette, mature, busty, big tits, hairy pussy, lesbian sex.
Za-Za - Manche Mogen’s Blank. PORNO-SHOW – Za-Za Exclusiv fur pornofans!. Classic, 8mm film, twosome sex, sexy girl, brunette, blowjob, hardcore sex, facials.
Scandia Film - Perverse Schwarze Messe. Produced by Charly Onrop Film Production. Scandia Film. Super 8 color – 150 meter. Germany published. Classic, 8mm film, hardcore sex, facials.
Bizarre Life 301 - Madame Dominique - The Masochist. Super 8mm color sex film. Danish produced loop series. Classic, 8mm film, fetish, light bondage, blowjob, facials.
Playmate Film 16 - Good Humor Girl black and white version. Playmate 8mm color sex film series. US produced. Twosome Sex.
Limited Edition 1003 - Wild For Cock. Limited Edition 8mm color sex film, featuring Sue Nero and Reggie Gunn. Limited Films. 8mm Film. Hardcore Sex.
Wara 103 - Leather Magic. Super 8mm color sex film - 150 meter film. Wara loop. Wara Film & Ton GmbH. Germany produced. Classic, 8mm film, mistress, fetish, light bondage, leather costume, hardcore sex.
Wara 102 - Surprise In Leather. Super 8 color - 150 meter film. Wara color sex loop. Classic, 8mm film, fetish, light bondage, hardcore sex, facials.
Elfra Film H-3 - Helga Und Der Staubsauger Fritze. Featuring Susaye London and Bobby Astyr. US produced loop. Germany published. Film footage also used for Screw 59 - The Ninth Month. Twosome Sex. Mature Girl. Brunette.
Fantasy Club 14 - Sister Louise. Fantasy Club 8mm color sex loop, with audio. Twosome sex. Legal Teen. Brunette.
Leisure 2 - The Hooker (better quality). Leisure 8mm vintage sex loop. Unknown cast. Leisure present "The Hooker". Adults Only.
Leisure 3 - Lesbian Tongue (better quality). Leisure vintage 8mm sex loop, with audio (music). US produced.
Leisure 4 - Big Bad Jim (better quality). Leisure 8mm color sex loop. Unknown cast. Short version.
Leisure 8 - Lesbian Suck. 8mm color sex loop, with audio (music). Unknown cast. No poster.
Tabu Film 7 - Sekretarinnen (better quality). Diamant 8mm hardcore sex loop by Tabu Film Programm. Germany published. Unknown cast. Film published as three films compilation “12 modelle”. Classic, 8mm film, blowjob, hardcore sex, facials. High up on the ladder stood this raving beauty when Roy
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