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07 December 2015, 14:46
Bizarre Marriage Counselor - Lisa's Training Lisa's Training. Bizarre Marriage Counselor 8mm hardcore sex loop, with no audio. An excerpt from the videotape The Bizarre Marriage Counselor. USA produced and published. Classic, 8mm Film, Fetish, Mature Girl, Mistress, Latex Costumes, Bounds, Living room Settings. Super 8mm hardcore sex film,
06 December 2015, 15:19
Bizarre Marriage Counselor - Lisa's Mistake Lisa's Mistake. Lisa's Mistake takes us to where Carol discovers her husband with Lisa, phones her worldly Aunt Jean to help her and ends up teaching her husband and Lisa a lesson in humility, fidelity, bondage and rubber. In Vivid Superior Color! Bizarre Marriage Counselor 8mm hardcore sex loop,