Prime Time Television. Friends & Lovers series. Harry comes to fix the TV and discovers that Marie, the pretty maid, doesn't wear panties. He fucks her every which way then shoves a vibrator up her ass to prepare it for a good fuck. Harry has the imagination to come up with all sorts of erotic
Friends & Lovers 102. Danish International Productions Presents. Doctors Office. The doctor comes in for a house call and has such a good time with his patient & before long she is completely cured (box description). Hardcore sex film, featuring Tina Russell. Color film sex. USA produced and
Friends & Lovers FL 106. Danish International Production presents “Friends & Lovers”. Friends & Lovers 8mm color sex film, with audio (music). Decent video quality. No title. The young reverend comes looking for a donation and two beautiful girls give him a lot more than he expected. US produced
Friends & Lovers FL 104. Friends & Lovers 8mm color sex film. Danish International Production presents “Friends & Lovers”. No title. Two lesbians are making love when two men walk in to join the party and show them that four is better than two. US produced and published. Foursome Sex (2f-2m).

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