A Swingers' New Years Party. International Climax 1. Intl. Climax. US 8mm hardcore sex film, with audio (reel running). Group Sex. Swingers. Orgy. Classic, 8mm Film, Party, Sexy Girls, Living room Settings, Hardcore Sex, Anal.
Love on the Highway. International Climax 2. Intl. Climax. Two playboys tear along the highway in their big, expensive cadillac. They meet three young and lovely girls who are picked up for a ride--and now some quite fantastic scenes follow! While the big sportscar is at an incredible speed, the
Camping Love Game. International Climax 4. Intl. Climax 4. An ordinary camping party, way out in the country, with nobody around but the birds. That is, until they decide to play some very adult games. They leave no stone unturned. All the girls are outstanding from head to toe. US 8mm loop series.

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