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In The Name Of Odin. The Vikings. Lasse Braun film 310. Lasse Braun 8mm loop series. Vikings. Outdoor Sex. Danish produced and published. Classic, 8mm Film, Group Sex, Sexy Girls, Legal Teens, Blonde, Brunettes, Hot Body, Lesbian Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore. With audio (music).
Victory For The Queen. The Vikings series. Produced by Lasse Braun. Historical porno by Lasse Braun. Freja is Queen and leader of a group of vikings who voyage along the coast of Normandy, plundering and ravaging the countryside. Ashore they discover two beautiful Christian nuns who, in the belief
The Way To Walhalla. There is only one path the Viking warrior can take to Valhalla, the land of his forefathers: by dying in battle! A party of vikings are feasting and drinking around an open fire in the forest. Their ravishing womefolk keeep their distance, masturbating and enjoying their own