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Daniela mini-slip (1979). Spain produced film, 1979. Featuring Daniela Duque, Guia Lauri Filzi, Laura Levi, Pauline Teutscher, Tulug Cizgen, Vanessa, Violeta Cela. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Poor video quality. Three Italian couples and a single Italian girl, the title character, check in an
Tapestry of Passion (1976). US produced film, 1976. Directed by Alan B. Colberg. Featuring Lesllie Bovee, Annette Haven, Desiree West, Sharon Thorpe, John Holmes, John Leslie. Classic, Adult, Thriller, Hardcore Sex. Private detective Johnny Wadd is hot on the case of a mysterious and beautiful
Little Showoffs (1983). US produced classic porn film, 1983. Directed by Zachary Strong, Curt McDowell. Featuring Cindy Carver, Rene Lovins, Jeff Lyle, Lili Marlene, Mark Monroe, Peter Sheppard, Karen Sweet, Liza Windsor, David Habib, Betsy Boudoir, Hank Heathcliff, Patti Perrier, Steve Milestone,
American Sexual Revolution (1971). USA produced film, 1971. Film directed by John William Abbott. Featuring Bob, Jan Davis, Pete Dawson, Diane, Morris Kite, Marv Lincoln, Cheri Rostand, Ralph Schaffer, Peter Thomas. Classic, Adult, Documentary, Hardcore Sex. A look at the sexual revolution then
All Night Long (1975). US produced, 1975. Directed by Alan Colberg. Featuring John Holmes, Ric Lutze, Esther Walker, Patrick Wright, Marius Mazmanian, Suzy Chung, Desiree West, Melba Bruce, Sharon Thorpe, Toni Scott, Veronica Taylor, Joan Devlon, George 'Buck' Flower, Tallie Cochrane, Brenda
Backdoor Brides 4 (1993). US produced, 1993. Featuring Celeste, Courtney, Nicole Mitchell, Ona Z, Skye Blue, Tracy West, Cal Jammer, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Randy West. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
Caught From Behind 1 (1992). US produced film, 1982. Featuring Angel Cash, Crystal Dawn, Doris del Rio, Jessie Blu, Kelly Shaw, Sharon Day, Tina Evans, Alan Adrian, Gary Davis, Mike Howard, R.J. Reynolds, Rick Lutze, Starbuck, Steve Douglas, Tom Cartwright. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Insatiable 1 (1980). US produced film, 1980. Featuring Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Mike Ranger, Serena, David Morris, Jessie St. James, Richard Pacheco, John Leslie, Joan Turner. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
Fuck My Ass… No Lube! (1989). Featuring Buffy Davis, Yoko Wong, Dana Dylan, Janey Robbins, Lorrie Lovett, Lili Marlene, Renee Summers, Sheri St. Clair. US produced film, 1989. Classic, Adult, Anal, Double Penetration, Hardcore Sex.
The Smart Ass (1990). Featuring Kristina King, Rachel Ryan, Rayne, Renee Foxx, Susan Vegas, Peter North, Steve Vegas, Tom Byron. US produced film, 1990. Adult feature film. Classic, adult, hardcore sex.
Beefeaters (1989). US produced color sex film, 1989. Featuring Moana Pozzi, Rachel Ryan, Jade East, Ray Victory, Randy West. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Young Girls Do (1984). US produced and published, 1984. Film directed by Bob Vosse. Featuring Shanna McCullough, Erica Boyer, Jacqueline Lorians, Lili Marlene, Lonnie Emerson, Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, John Seeman, Mike Scorpio, Valerie LaVeaux, Denise D'Orval, April Devine, Laura
Seventeen - Teeners From Holland (1988). Dutch produced film, 1988. A Seventeen film production. Classic, adult, sexy girls, legal teens, hot body, skinny, sex toys, blowjob, hardcore sex. With audio.
School Girls Classic 1 (1983). School Girls Classic volume one. A Seventeen movie. Dutch produced. Classic, sexy girls, legal teens, hot body, skinny, bedroom settings, hardcore sex. With audio.
Juventude em Busca de Sexo (1983). Brazil produced classic film, 1983. Featuring Shirley Benny, Nereide Bonamico, Mario Bruni, Michel Cohen, Edna Costa, Selma Candida, Cristina Machado. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Eva O Principio Do Sexo (1981). Brazil produced film, 1981. Featuring Silvana Lopes, Rosangela Taddei, Irineu Pinheiro, Lia Furlim, Marilu Blumer, Dulce Garcia, Felipe Dinardo, Elem Rocha, Amadeu Gomes, Robsom Barro, Renato Marcio, Joao Corcelli, Dino Sizzi, Lidia Carolina, Jacomo Gossi, Arnali
A Pelada do Sexo (1985). Brazil produced 1985. Classic color sex adult feature film. Featuring Adriana, Danubia Alcantara, Michele Amabidey, Rosari Graziosi, Sheila Santos, Flavia Sanches, Camila Back, Marcello Long, Ron Reagan. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Wolves Von Lust (1980s). US published compilation. Europe produced film footage. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Cherry Ross, Diane Dream, Helen Thomas, Karine Gambier, Laurence Thibault, Maria Catala, Patricia Rhomberg, Sylvia Diams and Tim Blackstone. Classic, Adult, Compilation, Hardcore Sex. The
Teenage Twins (1980s). Film directed by Carter Stevens. Featuring Brooke Young, Taylor Young, Tina Von Davis, Eric Edwards, Leo Lovelace. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Comedy, Hardcore sex. If you're used to suggestive titles that do not deliver, get ready for Teenage Twins, the story of
Teenage Runaways (1980s). AKA Punk Rock. Featuring Anna Lisa Plurabella, Clea Carson, Crystal Sync, Jean Sanders, Joanne Shallow, Joy Peters, Madeline Jack, Paula Morton, Phyllis Flowers, Susan LeBeau, Susaye London, Bobby Astyr, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Mark LeBeau, Martin Ford, Pepe, Peter

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