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Miss Fantasy (1983). AKA Golden Girls (1983). Featuring Rosa Lee Kimball, Jamie Gillis, Laurien Wilde, Blackstar, Rick Ardon, Yvette Cole, Shauna Grant, John Leslie, Billy Dee, Terri Benoum, John Leslie and Rachel Ashley. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Family Fun (1977). AKA Sex Mad Family. Film published on Young Lust 4 ABA compilation. Film directed by Zachary Strong. Featuring Helen Madigan, Sharon Kane, Don Fernando and John Seeman amongst others. Classic, Adult, Compilation, Hardcore Sex. While babysitting, a young lady is caught
800 Fantasy Lane (1979). US produced film, 1979. Featuring Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Jamie Gillis, Lisa De Leeuw, Hillary Summers, Aubrey Nichols, Chris Anderson, Nancy Suiter, Aimee Leigh, Bud Wise, Candy Summer, Niki Phillips, Suzy Burns. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Silk Satin Sex (1983). AKA Extremes Verlangen junger Hausfrauen. US produced color sex adult feature film. Featuring Erica Eaton, Jesie St. James, Joanna Storm, Mai Lin, Tanya Lawson, Tiffany Clark, Vanessa del Rio, Veronica Hart, Bill Michaels, David Sandler, David Stien, Jerry Butler, Jose Duval,
Anal Injektion - Uschi Karnat (1989). Germany published, 1989. Featuring Uschi Karnat aka Sandra Nova, Rolf Ernser, Pam Snyder. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Les Rendez-Vous de Sylvia (1989). French produced film, 1989. Directed by Michel Ricaud. Featuring Sylvie Courtois, Melodie Kiss, Alain L’Yle, Catherine Le Broye, Marie Noelly, Rocco Siffredi, Philippe Soine, Charlotte Stephie, Laura Valerie. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Marie Noelly is married
Les pornocrates (1976). French produced film, 1976. Directed by Jean-Francois Davy. Featuring Benoit Archenoul, Frederique Barral, Claudine Beccarie, Francoise Beccarie, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Marie-Christine Chireix, Jocelyne Clairis, Ellen Earl, Michel Dauba, Jack Gatteau, Beatrice Harnois,
Seka is Tara (1981). Film directed by Leonard Kirtman. US produced film, 1981. Featuring Barbara Daniels, Bobbie Burns, Bobby Astyr, Lee Stevens, Merle Michaels, Robin Sane, Samantha Fox, Seka, Tracy, Veronica Hart, Bobby Brigante, David Ruby, Jamie Gillis, John Gold, Mike Feline, Nathan Gillette,
French initiation dans un petit cul de pucelle (1985). AKA French Initiation. Film directed by Claude Pierson. French published, 1985. Featuring Tanya Valis, Virginia Woodward, Andre Kay, Piotr Stanislas, Eric Saville, Jerome Proust, Patrick Marin, Patrick Droopy. Classic, adult feature film,
The Dynamite Brat (1995). US produced film, 1995. Featuring Frankie Layne, Christina West, Patricia Kennedy, Nikki Randall, Tony Martino, Gerry Pike, Shawn Ricks. Classic, adult feature film, hardcore sex.
Jail Bait (1976). AKA Jailbait Babysitter, Sweet Spot, Weekend Orgy. Film directed by Carter Stevens. Featuring Barbara Gorden, Ellen Plenty, Eva Henderson, Jenny Baxter, Paula Morton, Sharon Mitchell, Tina Lynn, Veri Knotty, Eric Edwards, Big John Henderson, Hershel Savage, Peter Andrews, Wade
US produced classic film. Invites Only (1990). Featuring Alice, Bionca, Cheri Taylor, Jade East, Sharon Mitchell, Randy West, Ron Jeremy. Classic, adult, hardcore sex. “Congratulations!! You are cordially invited to the wildest, sexiest party of the year! A raging bash that features some of the
Estelle et Flora (1979). AKA Porno erotico mania. Featuring Francette Maillol, Martine Semo, Virginie Caillot, Josy Delettre, Marianne Fourier, Joelle Le Quement, Noelle Bellamy, Daniel Trabet, Gerard Espinet, Herve Amalou. French produced film, 1979. Classic, adult feature film, hardcore sex.
Maitresses du vice (1983) . AKA Maîtresse du vice, La Secte du vice, Love symphonie, Messes noires, Perversions dangereuses, L’initiation de Virginie. Featuring Cathy Stewart, Christine Chavert, Michelle Villers, Mika Barthel, Olivia Flores, Leïla and Michelle Villers. French produced
US produced film, 1985. Animal In Me (1985). Featuring Colleen Brennan, Gina Valentino, Heather Wayne, Karen Summer, Craig Roberts, Jerry Butler, Peter North, Tom Byron. Classic, Adult feature film, Hardcore sex. Scene 1. Colleen Brennan, Craig Roberts Scene 2. Gina Valentino, Tom Byron Scene 3.
22Cm (1977). Directed by Alan Vydra. Europe published. Featuring Angelika Duvier, Barbara Korneck,Inga Werdenigg, Laura Clair, Nadine Roussial and Sigrun Theil. Classic, adult, hardcore sex.
Return of Teenage Christy Canyon (1985). Teenage Christy Canyon Collection 2. US produced film compilation, 1985. Featuring Christy Canyon, Robin Cannes, Heather Wayne, Nicole West, Blake Plamer, Peter North, Mike Horner, Rick Savage, Francois, Marc Wallice. Classic, Adult, Compilation, Hardcore
French Kittens (1975) AKA Hollywood Goes Hard, In Dire Peril. US produced film, 1975. Featuring Amy Roth, Babs Bresson, Barbie Patton, Lisa Marks, Carla Dawn, Cindi Bates, Crystal Sync, Deedee Barr, Denise Watson, Fay Dewitt, Fifi Goddard, Gloria Leonard, Jean Jennings, Joy Maxin, Kitty Malone,
US produced film, 1978. Judgement Day (1978). Film directed by Jon Cutaia. Featuring Morning Star, Moira Benson, Josie Farmer, Mimi Riley, Clair James, Melba Peach, Val Anderson, John Leslie, Turk Layan, T.J. Youngblood, John A. Seeman, John Ruvolo. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Judgement Day is
French produced film, 1983. Chantage X (1983) AKA Branchez-moi l’antenne au cul. Directed by Michel Ricaud. Featuring Cathy Stewart, Françoise Fosset, Laurence Lolo, Sylvain Pigeon, Ernest Globo. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.