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The Last Step Down (1970s). US produced film, featuring Uschi Digard and Malta. Softcore sex. Female nudity. Classic, adult, sexy girls, mature busty, big tits. With audio. No one takes the last step down…they have to be pushed! Busty blondes Uschi and Malta are hookers who engage in bizarre sex
She's 19 and Ready (1979). AKA Sunnyboy and Sugarbaby. Featuring Ekkehardt Belle, Sabine Wollin, Claus Obalski, Gina Janssen, Orestes Ojeda, Ike Lozada, Frida von Giese, Bernie Paul, Henriette Heichel, Edina Pop, Wolfgang Heichel, Leslie Mandoki, Louis Potgieter, Steve Bender, Walter Kraus.
Inner Sanctum 1 (1991). Classic erotic feature film, featuring Tanya Roberts, Margaux Hemingway, Joseph Bottoms, Valerie Wildman, Brett Baxter Clark, Suzanne Ager, John Henry Richardson, William Butler, Ted Newsom. US published, 1991. Film directed by Fred Olen Ray. Classic, Drama, Erotic. A woman
Sueca Bisexual Necesita Semental (1982). AKA Swedish bisexual needs stallion, I vizi della signora. Featuring Marina Hedman, Helene Shirley, Josep Castillo Escalona, Jordi Batalla, Jaime Bascu, Selene Marquis. Spain, 1982. Film directed by Ricard Reguant (as Richard Vogue). Classic, Drama, Erotic.
Intimate Games (1976). AKA Sex Games of the Very Rich. Featuring George Baker, Monika Ringwald, John Benson, Dudley Stevens, Jonathan David, Peter Blake, Chet Townsend, Anna Bergman, Maria St. Clare, Edward Kalinski, Heather Deeley, Suzy Mandel, Felicity Devonshire, Norman Chappell, Lindy Benson.
Sexcula (1974). US published, 1974. Film directed by John Holbrook. Featuring Debbie Collins, Jamie Orlando, John Alexander, Tim Lowery, Bud Coal, Marie McLeod, David F. Hurry, Julia Simmons, Franklin Parker, Clarence Neufeld, Toni Parllee, Ron Solo, Mary Lang, Paul Lamont, Bill Oleander. Classic,
Le Journal Erotique D'une Thailandaise (1980) (hardcore version). AKA Carnal Times in Thailand, Carnet intime d'une Thailandaise, Carnets Intime. France, Germany, 1980. Film directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy. Softcore version. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, France Lomay, Julia Perrin,
Photos Scandales (1979). French produced softcore film, 1979. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Pierre Aubin, Muriel Montosse, Marcel Charvey, Sandra Flower, Sylvie Schmidt, Maryse Haudebert, Thizou Durand. Classic, Erotic. With the help of her lover and her high-class prostitute sister, Juliette forms a
Malibu High (1979). US produced film, 1979. Film directed by Irvin Berwick. Featuring Jill Lansing, Stuart Taylor, Katie Johnson. Classic, Drama, Erotic. When a high school senior is dumped by her boyfriend, her grades fall drastically…to avoid failing, she begins seducing her male teachers. Thus
Big Bad Mama (1974). US produced, 1974. Film directed by Steve Carver. Featuring Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, Tom Skerritt, Susan Sennett, Robbie Lee, Noble Willingham, Dick Miller, Tom Signorelli, Joan Prather, Royal Dano, William O'Connell, John Wheeler, Ralph James, Sally Kirkland, Wally K.
The Big Doll House (1971). AKA Bamboo Dolls House, Women's Penitentiary III. Film directed by Jack Hill. Featuring Judith Brown, Roberta Collins, Pam Grier, Brooke Mills, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig, Christiane Schmidtmer, Kathryn Loder, Jerry Franks, Gina Stuart, Jack Davis, Letty Mirasol, Shirley de
Maliziosamente (1969). AKA The Embrace, Die Keusche. France, Belgium, 1969. Directed by Paul Collet, Pierre Drouot. Featuring Daniel Vigo, Nathalie Vernier, Laetitia Sorel, Oscar Delmart, Bernard Graczyk, Brigitte Kowaltjouk. Classic, Erotic, Drama, Romance. The girl is very fascinating and
Attack of The 60 Foot Centerfold (1995). AKA L'attaque de la pin-up geante. US produced, 1995. Film directed by Fred Olen Ray. Featuring J.J. North, Ted Monte, Raelyn Saalman, Tammy Parks, Tim Abell, Jay Richardson, John Lazar, Michelle Bauer, George Stover, Nikki Fritz, Peter Spellos, Russ
Africa Erotica (1972). AKA The Black Decameron, Il decamerone nero. Italy, France, 1972. Featuring Beryl Cunningham, Djbril Diop, Line Senghor, Fatou Djame, Isseu Niang, Isabelle Diallo, Jacqueline Scott, Josy McGregor, Serigne N'Diaye. Classic, Adventure, Erotic.
The Younger The Better (1982). US produced, 1982. Film directed by Stu Segall (as Michelle Krelmn). Featuring Jennifer West, Ray Wells, April Davis, Gaylene Marie, June Flowers, Alex Elliot, Jerry Davis, John Colt, Dale Houlihan. Classic, Erotic, Comedy, Drama. An aging hooker gathers a group of
The Lost Empire (1984). US produced, 1984. Film directed Jim Wynorski. Featuring Melanie Vincz, Raven De La Croix, Angela Aames, Paul Coufos, Robert Tessier, Angus Scrimm, Blackie Dammett, Linda Shayne, Kenneth Tobey, Tom Rettig, Angelique Pettyjohn, Art Hern, Anne Gaybis, Bill Thornbury, Gary Don
Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1974). US produced film, 1974. Directed by Joseph W. Sarno. Featuring Mary Mendum, Jennifer Welles, Chris Jordan, Eric Edwards, David Hausman, Juliet Jay, Erica Eaton, Arlana Blue. Classic, Erotic, Drama. Carol is a young happily married New Yorker, who
L'insegnante viene a casa (1978). AKA The School Teacher in House, The Tenant Next Door. Italy, France, 1978. Film directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini. Featuring Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnani, Alvaro Vitali, Marco Gelardini, Carlo Sposito, Gisella Sofio, Clara Colosimo, Lucio Montanaro, Jacques
Les mille et une perversions de Felicia (1975). AKA La cuginette inglese, The Erotic Adventures of Felicia, 1001 Perversions of Felicia, A Clockwork Nympho. French produced, 1975. Directed by Max Pecas. Featuring Mary Mendum, Jean Roche, Beatrice Harnois, Roland Charbaux, Ray Prevet, Nicole Daude,
The Pig Keeper's Daughter (1972). AKA Oben ohne - Unten nix. US produced film, 1972. Directed by Bethel Buckalew. Featuring Terry Gibson, Peggy Church, Gina Paluzzi, John Keith, Peter James, Bruce Kimball, Paul Stanley, Nick Armmans, March, Lord Hamilton. Classic, Comedy, Erotic. Since Moonbeam
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