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Passions Dechainees (1982). AKA Tochter aus Gutem Hause, Passione Scatenata. Classic french produced film, featuring Yves Callas, Hubert Geral, Andre Kay, Carole Pierac, Obaya Roberts, Guy Royer, Dominique Saint Claire, Helene Shirley. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. At least three other females,
Mai Lin Versus Serena (1980s). Classic adult featuring film, featuring Mai Lin, Serena, Jesse Adams, Anne Fisher, Jade Wong, Margaret Smith, Monique DuBois, R. Haag, Robin Sane, Sheila Parks. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Adult film stars Mai Lin and Serena are both in the
Little Bit Of Honey (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Betty Boobs, Nina Hartley, Siobhan Hunter, Viper, Tom Byron. US produced, 1987. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
In Charmís Way (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Barbie Doll, Frankie Leigh, Nikki Charm, Sharon Mitchell, Buddy Love, Johnny Angel, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor. Film directed by Ron Jeremy. US produced, 1987. Classic, adult, hardcore sex. Scene 1. Frankie Leigh, guy Scene 2. Buddy Love,
Dreams Of Pleasure (1983). Classic adult feature film, featuring Shauna Grant, Misty Dawn, Yvette Dubois, Ron Jeremy, Craig Roberts. US produced, 1983. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. ďSuperstar Ron Jeremy plays an analyst who specializes in wet dreams and sexual hang-ups. After a long, hard day of
The Ecstasy Girls (1979). Featuring Desiree Cousteau, Georgina Spelvin, Laurien Dominique, Leslie Bovee, Nanci Suiter, Serena , Stacy Evans, Actors: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Paul Thomas. US produced and published, 1979. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. A very complicated plot in which Jamie Gillis
Sueca Bisexual Necesita Semental (1982). AKA Swedish bisexual needs stallion, I vizi della signora. Featuring Marina Hedman, Helene Shirley, Josep Castillo Escalona, Jordi Batalla, Jaime Bascu, Selene Marquis. Spain, 1982. Film directed by Ricard Reguant (as Richard Vogue). Classic, Drama, Erotic.
Intimate Games (1976). AKA Sex Games of the Very Rich. Featuring George Baker, Monika Ringwald, John Benson, Dudley Stevens, Jonathan David, Peter Blake, Chet Townsend, Anna Bergman, Maria St. Clare, Edward Kalinski, Heather Deeley, Suzy Mandel, Felicity Devonshire, Norman Chappell, Lindy Benson.
J'ai droit au plaisir (1976). AKA Ho diritto al piacere, Tengo derecho al placer, Nadine, ena glyko. French, Canada, 1976. film directed by Claude Pierson. Featuring Laure Cottereau, Anne Sand, Alain Saury, Gabriel Coez, Christian Duroc, Francoise Beccarie, Frederic Duru, Rosine Amard, Donald Juin,
Sexcapades (1983). Directed by Henri Pachard. Featuring Ashley Welles, Joanna Storm, Lee Caroll, Mai Lin, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Clark, Anna Samble, Candida Royale, Alan Adrian, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Michael Bruce, Joe Santini. US produced, 1983. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Talk Dirty to Me (1979). Featuring Cris Cassidy, Dorothy Lemay, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Sharon Kane, Aaron Stuart, Anthony Spinelli, Carl Regal, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco. US produced film. Classic, Adult, hardcore sex. Jack and Lenny are two guys whose aim is to lay as many girls as
Suze's Centerfolds 2 (1979). Suze's Centerfolds 2. Suze's Centerfolds loop compilation. Featuring Betty Lou, Cody Nicole, Dana Dennis, Piper Smith, Seka, Renee LaPaz, Kevin James, Randy West, Sam Grady. US produced. Classic, Adult, Compilation, Hardcore Sex. This girl is the epitome of sugar,
Sexcula (1974). US published, 1974. Film directed by John Holbrook. Featuring Debbie Collins, Jamie Orlando, John Alexander, Tim Lowery, Bud Coal, Marie McLeod, David F. Hurry, Julia Simmons, Franklin Parker, Clarence Neufeld, Toni Parllee, Ron Solo, Mary Lang, Paul Lamont, Bill Oleander. Classic,
Secretes D'adolescentes (1980). AKA Experiencas secretas, Een Hete Jeugd Vakantie, Luca and Fanny, Secret Experiences, Segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny, Ein Sommer auf dem lande. French produced, 1980. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Daniela Giordano, Jane Baker, Julia Perrin, Marie-Claude. Classic,
Porno Pensieri (1979). AKA Entrez vite ... vite, je mouille!. French produced, 1980. Featuring Barbara Moose, Cathy Stewart, Jenny Feeling, Valerie Martin's, Jacques Gatteau, Cyril Val, Dominique Aveline, Jean Rollin, Pjotr Stanislas. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
One Way at a Time (1979). US produced, 1979. Featuring Aubrey Nichols, Sharon Kane, Laurien Dominique, Lisa K. Loring, Mimi Morgan, Susan Nero, Don Fernando, Jack Wright, Jeff Scott, John Holmes, Johnny Hardin, Jesse Adams, Mick Jones, Rocky Racoon, Tony Bond. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Les Delices de l'adultere (1979). AKA Delights of Adultery, Golden Girls 4002 - Fleischborse, Orgias calientes, Orgasmo pornografico. France published, 1979. Directed by Claude Bernard-Aubert. Featuring Karine Gambier, Brigitte Lahaie, Diane Dubois, Jacques Marbeuf, Richard Allan, Guy Royer, Herve
Lenny's Comeback (1979). US produced, 1979. Featuring Erica Havens, Robin Byrd (as Stacy Blue), Victoria Corsaut, Frank Marks, Fred Fagen, Michael Gaunt, R. Bolla (as Richard Bolla). Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Byrd Watchers Alert!!! The high priestess of New York's late-night, cable-TV smut,
Le Journal Erotique D'une Thailandaise (1980) (hardcore version). AKA Carnal Times in Thailand, Carnet intime d'une Thailandaise, Carnets Intime. France, Germany, 1980. Film directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy. Softcore version. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, France Lomay, Julia Perrin,
Le Journal Erotique D'une Thailandaise (1980) (hardcore version). AKA Carnal Times in Thailand, Carnet intime d'une Thailandaise, Carnets Intime. France, Germany, 1980. Film directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy. Hardcore sex version. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, France Lomay, Julia Perrin,

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