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Black Anal (1978). Directed by Alain Payet. US produced, 1978. Featuring Celine Gallone, Monique Clerc, Maryse Haudebert, Nadia Ford, Patricia Canelle and Tina Leone. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature. Alternate Titles: Jupes relevées et culottes courtes, Super Femmina, Confessions Tres
Getting Off (1979). Aka Slaves of Love. Directed by Mike D. Weldon. Featuring Amanda Blake, Connie Peterson, Crystal Royce, Desiree Cousteau, Jewell Bryght, Kathy Kaufman, Lesley Russell, Maria Arnold, Pat Manning, Serena, Dino Deaumonte, Don Fernando, John Leslie, Ken Scudder, Mike Ranger. US
Rites of Uranus (1975). Aka Lust Cult. Featuring Janet Gaut Karen Cummings, Lucy DuLac, Vivian Parks, Angel Ducharme, Don Fernando, Frank Rowney, Jim Moore and Mike Ranger. US produced and published, 1975. Adult, Classic, Feature, Hardcore Sex. Scene 1: Unknown Brunette Female, Unknown Male Scene
Dynamite (1972). Dynamite! is T.N.T.. Featuring Darcy Brown, Dolly Sharp, Monica Rivers, Uta Erickson, Jamie Gillis, Kurt Mann, Leon Oriana, Steve Gould and William Love. US produced and published, 1972. Adult, Classic, Feature, Hardcore Sex. Scene 1. Jamie Gillis, Monica Rivers Scene 2. Dolly
Her Name Was Lisa (1979). Featuring Barbara Daniels, Robin Byrd, Samantha Fox, Vanessa del Rio, Yolanda Savalas, Bobby Astyr, David Pierce, Rick Iverson, Randy West and Ron Hudd. USA produced and published, 1979. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature. Scene 1: Samantha Fox, Rick Iverson Scene 2:
The Girl From A.U.N.T.I.E. (1975). Aka Jane Bond, Agente 069. Featuring Joan Devlon, Bob Kirk, Val Anderson and Frank Ford. USA produced and published, 1975. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature. Scene 1. Joan Devlon, Bob Kirk Scene 2. Joan Devlon, Val Anderson, Frank Ford Scene 3. blonde, brun,
Shocking (1976). Directed by Claude Mulot. Featuring Carole Gire, Dawn Cumming, Emmanuelle Pareze, Karine Gambier, Marie-Christine Chireix, Jacques Insermini, Gilbert Servien, Jean-Louis Vattier and Thierry de Brem. France produced. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature.
Il était une fois la chatte mouillée (1974). Directed by Lucien Hustaix. Featuring Claudia Zante, Jacques Marbeuf, Andrea Grey, Robert Le Ray, Minia Malove and Marcel Richard. France produced and published, 1974. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
KFamilien (1974). Alternative titles: Flesh Girls, Den K Släkten, Den Kåta Familjen. Directed by Heinz Arland. Sweden published, 1976. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
One of a Kind (1976). Directed by Carlos Tobalina. Featuring Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Bonnie Holiday, Joey Silvera, Sharon Thorpe, Turk Lyon and Linda Wong. USA produced and published, 1976. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex. Scene 1. Lesllie Bovee, Joey Silvera Scene 2. Sharon Thorpe,
Pussycat Ranch (1978). Directed by John Christopher. Featuring Arcadia Lake, Daisy Mae, Heather Young, Molly Malone, Samantha Fox, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, R. Bolla, Roger Caine and Wade Nichols. Tabu Video. USA published, 1978. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
The Seduction of Lyn Carter (1974). Directed by Anthony Spinelli. Featuring Lyn Carter, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Thorpe, Tony Rousso and Robert Cole. Home Video. USA produced and published, 1974. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
Femmes De Sade (1976). Directed by Alex de Renzy. Featuring Abigail Clayton, Annette Haven, Candida Royalle, Leslie Bovee, Linda Wong, Mimi Morgan, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Johnnie Keyes, Ken Turner, Turk Lyon and Tyler Reynolds. France produced, 1976. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
Sommaren med Vanja (1976). Directed by Heinz Arland. Featuring Yvonne Jonsson, Bertil Svensson, Harry Andersson, Mona Jorgensson, Steven Collins, Kurre Levin, Leila Waraniemi, Ulla Leinonen, Kerstin Williamsson, Orvar Pedersen and Inger Olsson. Sweden, 1977. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
Le Sexe Qui Parle (1975). Featuring Anne Millet, Beatrice Harnois, Daniele Negre, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Dhomme, Francoise Vandelle, Penelope Lamour, Suzy Whys, Sylvia Bourdon, Jean-Loup Philippe, Vicky Messica, Claude Dupont, Pierre Tourneur, Jacques Gateau, Pierre Humeau, Luis Andersen, Frank
Country Hooker (1971). A couple of musicians are on their way to a show at a country bar. Along the way, they pick up a couple of sexy hitchhiking ladies and decide to pull over for a pitstop. Eventually, they make it to the bar and uncover that the deep voiced country singer that also plays there
The Birds And The Beads (1974). A birthday bash turns into an outrageous kink-fest when an ancient sting of love beads work their mischievous magic. USA published, 1974. Featuring Georgina Spelvin, Terri Eastern, Tina Russell, Levi Richards. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature. Scene Breakdowns
Porno Screentests (1983). "Sissy Pirjo-Leena co-hosts this 1982 sexvid with John Hollyfield, introducing a series of alleged screen tests featuring wannabe porn stars and starlets. The format allows for a series of short encounters featuring relatively unknown hardcore performers in surprisingly
Naked Came the Stranger (1975). Naked Came The Stranger , the second of the films made by legendary auteur Radley Metzger using the pseudonym ?Henry Paris', is a bona fide classic of the true golden age of adult films. Inspired by the notorious best-selling book of the same name, it follows the
Ingrid, Puttana D'Amburgo (1984). Directed by Jose Benazeraf. Italy produced and published, 1984. Featuring Carole Pierac, Elena Munoz, Eva Kleber, Olinka Hardiman, Eric Dray. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature.