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Emanuelle and the Erotic Nights (1978). Aka Emanuelle e le porno notti nel mondo. Directed by Bruno Mattei and Joe D'Amato (uncredited). Featuring Laura Gemser, Mario Castaldi, Gloria Guida, Gloria Piedimonte, Catharina Dahlin and Ulla Johannsen. Italy, 1978. Classic, adult, sexy girls, erotic.
Magic Girls (1980). US produced compilation. Featuring Veri Knotty, Ursula Austin, Bobby Astyr, Paula Morton, Jenny Baxter, Vanessa Del Rio, Gloria Leonard, Wade Nichols, Sharon Mitchell and Arlana Blue. Classic, adult feature film, compilation, hardcore sex. Here is a loop collection featuring
Dream Girls of F (1980). AKA Cannonball, Dream Girls of F. US produced, 1980. Featuring Annette Haven, Becke Bitter, Chris Anderson, Geraldine Gold, John Leslie, Kandi Barbour, Laura Smith, Mary Darling, Piper Smith, Rhonda Jo Petty, Seka. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. How often have you woken up
Drei Dirndl in Paris (1981). AKA Drei Dirndl in Paris, Lockendes Fleisch German, Mitsex Express, Trois Bavaroises. Featuring Eleonore Melzer, Christa Ludwig, Marianne Randel, Christine Krenner, Peter Steiner Jr, Mario Pollak, Peter Steiner, Eric Dray, Catherine Boierie. Directed by Jurgen Enz.
Roller Babies (1976). AKA Rollerbabies. Roller Babies. US produced, 1976. Directed by Carter Stevens. Featuring Barbara Ames, Linda Young, Mary Stuart, Solange Shannon, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Yolanda Savalas, David Williams, Eric Stanhope, Jerry Schneiderman, Roger Caine, Alan Marlow, Roberto
La Papesse (1975). AKA A Woman Possessed. Directed by Mario Mercier. Featuring Jean-Francois Delacour, Geziale, Lisa Livane. France produced, 1975. Classic, Explicit, Erotic, Horror, Softcore. Laurent, a seemingly normal young man, is looking to join a witches' sect that resides in a forest near
Heisse Schnecken (1979). AKA Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjahrigen, Heisse Schnecken, Aus dem Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjahrigen, Young Love, Hot Love, Come Make Love with Me, Amor joven, Sexo Caliente. West Germany produced, 1979. Featuring Sylvia Engelmann, Patrick Donovan, Yvonne Marroth, Margit Rauth,
Heisse Schnecken (Softcore) (1979). AKA Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjahrigen, Heisse Schnecken, Aus dem Tagebuch einer Siebzehnjahrigen, Young Love, Hot Love, Come Make Love with Me, Amor joven, sexo caliente. West Germany produced, 1979. Featuring Sylvia Engelmann, Patrick Donovan, Yvonne Marroth,
Floppers. Boobs, Historic Erotica. US produced, 1975. Compilation of loops. Adult, Classic, Sexy Girls, Legal Teens, Hairy Pussy, Hot Body, Vintage, Hardcore Sex. With audio. Cans, Juggs, Hooters, Tits, Mounds. It doesn’t matter what you call them, we knoy what they are, and we know that we love
Blonde Beavers (1970s). Historic Erotica. US produced and published. Featuring Andrea True, Angel Ducharme, Heather Young, Lysa Thatcher, Tina Louise, Jeffrey Hurst, R.J. Reynolds, Ron Jeremy and Shawn Costello. Compilation of loops. Classic, Adult feature Film, Sexy Girls, Blondes, Vintage,
Schulmadchen Porno (1976). AKA Teenage Games. Directors Walter Molitor, Werner Molitor. Featuring Richard Allan, Jerry Brouer, Britt Corvin. West Germany, 1976. Classic, Adult feature film, Hardcore sex. During a high school trip, a hostel landlady stops the girls' teasing only to force herself on
Daydream 2 (1987). AKA Hakujitsumu 2, Daydream 2, Day Dream 2, Captured for Sex. Directed by Tetsuji Takechi. Featuring Kyoko Aizome, Chizu Kirinami, Kenji Hayami. Produced in Japan, 1987. Classic, Pinku, Fantasy, Horror, Drama. A girl, Sakae, who is looking for a dentist for a pain in a tooth,
Twisted Head (1970s). US produced, 1973. Vanessa Del Rio cums to the party and does what she does best… giving the best BJ she can give. Your cock will yearn for more after watching her go all the way down… pass the balls. Historic Erotica. Featuring Vanessa del Rio. Classic, Compilation, Legal
Back Door Girls (1983). US produced and published, 1983. Featuring Seka, Vanessa Del Rio, Serena, Arcadia Lake, Brooke West, Lysa Thatcher, Crystal Dawn, Lenora Bruce, Lynx Cannon, Cris Cassidey, Merle Michaels. Classic, Compilation, Sexy Girls, Anal, Hardcore Sex. This is an action-packed
The Fruit Is Ripe (1977). Aka Griechische Feigen. Germany produced, 1977. Featuring Betty Verges, Claus Richt, Olivia Pascal, Wolf Goldan, Walter Kraus, Karl Heinz Maslo, Corinne Brodbeck, Sabi Dorr, Eric Wedekind, Sylvia Froehlich, Rut Rex. Classic, Erotic, Comedy, Softcore. In this sex comedy, a
Graf Porno und seine Madchen (1969). Featuring Doris Arden, Rinaldo Talamonti, Marianne Manthey, Flavia Keyt, Gaby Habermann, Stella Mooney, Ellen Umlauf, Hellmuth Haupt, Terry Neciel, Valerie Antelmann, Fritz Pauli, Heinz Plate, Gudrun Sorge, Mandy Munter, Eva Bruckl. Germany produced, 1969.
The Sexbury Tales (1973). AKA I racconti di Viterbury – Le piu allegre storie del ‘300, Les contes de Viterbury, The Real Decameron. Directed by Mario Caiano. Italy produced, 1973. Featuring Rosalba Neri, Christa Linder, Peter Landers, Toni Ucci, Orchidea de Santis, Mario Frera, Clara Colosimo,
Emanuelle In America (1977). Directed by Joe D’Amato. US, Italy, 1977. Featuring Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Roger Browne, Riccardo Salvino, Lars Bloch, Paola Senatore, Maria Piera Regoli, Carlo Foschi, Maria Renata Franco, Giulio Massimini, Stefania Nocilli, Fernando Arcangeli, Salvatore
Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976). AKA Emanuelle Nera. Emmanuelle is sent to Bangkok on a journalism assignment. While there, she embarks on her own exploration of the secrets of sensual pleasure. While learning much, she also reveals several secrets of her own. Published in US, Italy, 1976. Featuring
Same Time Every Year (1982). US produced, 1982. Featuring China Leigh, Coral Cie, Holly McCall, Pheary I. Burd, Lynx Canon, Kathy Harcourt, Lee Caroll, Loni Sanders, Starr Wood, Tiffany Clark, Blake Palmer, Jerry Wad, Hershel Savage, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy. Classic

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