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Sommaren med Vanja (1976). Directed by Heinz Arland. Featuring Yvonne Jonsson, Bertil Svensson, Harry Andersson, Mona Jorgensson, Steven Collins, Kurre Levin, Leila Waraniemi, Ulla Leinonen, Kerstin Williamsson, Orvar Pedersen and Inger Olsson. Sweden, 1977. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
Le Sexe Qui Parle (1975). Featuring Anne Millet, Beatrice Harnois, Daniele Negre, Ellen Earl, Emmanuelle Dhomme, Francoise Vandelle, Penelope Lamour, Suzy Whys, Sylvia Bourdon, Jean-Loup Philippe, Vicky Messica, Claude Dupont, Pierre Tourneur, Jacques Gateau, Pierre Humeau, Luis Andersen, Frank
Country Hooker (1971). A couple of musicians are on their way to a show at a country bar. Along the way, they pick up a couple of sexy hitchhiking ladies and decide to pull over for a pitstop. Eventually, they make it to the bar and uncover that the deep voiced country singer that also plays there
The Birds And The Beads (1974). A birthday bash turns into an outrageous kink-fest when an ancient sting of love beads work their mischievous magic. USA published, 1974. Featuring Georgina Spelvin, Terri Eastern, Tina Russell, Levi Richards. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature. Scene Breakdowns
Porno Screentests (1983). "Sissy Pirjo-Leena co-hosts this 1982 sexvid with John Hollyfield, introducing a series of alleged screen tests featuring wannabe porn stars and starlets. The format allows for a series of short encounters featuring relatively unknown hardcore performers in surprisingly
Naked Came the Stranger (1975). Naked Came The Stranger , the second of the films made by legendary auteur Radley Metzger using the pseudonym ?Henry Paris', is a bona fide classic of the true golden age of adult films. Inspired by the notorious best-selling book of the same name, it follows the
Ingrid, Puttana D'Amburgo (1984). Directed by Jose Benazeraf. Italy produced and published, 1984. Featuring Carole Pierac, Elena Munoz, Eva Kleber, Olinka Hardiman, Eric Dray. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Feature.
Finishing Touch (1994). Dyanna Lauren is tired of the same old scripts, so she’s writing her own and each scene is full of action the way she wants it, she even inserts herself into some of the scenes. With the standard guy on girl action, as in most films, but also containing threesomes, one of
Love Inferno. Lasse Braun adult feature film. Love Film Video. West Germany published, 1977. Featuring Catherine Ringer, Dominique Pascal, Glenda Farrel, Tony Morena, Frédérique Souchier and Susi Panorama. Classic, Adult feature film, Compilation, Sexy Girls, Hardcore Sex.
Cousin Betty (1972). Cousin Betty arrives, and we soon see that there's plenty of hot bod under her demure granny outfit. After Betty soaps her snatch in the shower, Carol comes in to wash her back and her front and her boobs and her twat and Carol's hubby gets sloppy seconds from Betty as Mike,
Finishing School (1972). he minute Laura sees the Instructor looking at her long erotic legs she knows she has him where she wants him. This sight,in the front row makes him so nevous he decides to work it off on the tennis court where he is met by a young eager coed who lures him to the apartment
The Farmer's Daughters (1976). Shep and Kate live on a farm with their three daughters - Martha, Jane and Beth. Early in the film, the daughters spy on their parents having sex. When Fred, a farm hand, catches them, they rape and humiliate him. Meanwhile, three escape convicts find the farm and a
His Loving Daughter (1976). 18 year old Gina peeks through a keyhole in her Dad's office and watches him get his client drunk and take advantage of her. This gets Gina all horny, so Gina calls her boyfriend for a hook up. The problem is, he can't get it up! So, she seduces the pool boy who
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