Return of Teenage Christy Canyon (1985). Teenage Christy Canyon Collection 2. US produced film compilation, 1985. Featuring Christy Canyon, Robin Cannes, Heather Wayne, Nicole West, Blake Plamer, Peter North, Mike Horner, Rick Savage, Francois, Marc Wallice. Classic, Adult, Compilation, Hardcore
French Kittens (1975) AKA Hollywood Goes Hard, In Dire Peril. US produced film, 1975. Featuring Amy Roth, Babs Bresson, Barbie Patton, Lisa Marks, Carla Dawn, Cindi Bates, Crystal Sync, Deedee Barr, Denise Watson, Fay Dewitt, Fifi Goddard, Gloria Leonard, Jean Jennings, Joy Maxin, Kitty Malone,
US produced film, 1978. Judgement Day (1978). Film directed by Jon Cutaia. Featuring Morning Star, Moira Benson, Josie Farmer, Mimi Riley, Clair James, Melba Peach, Val Anderson, John Leslie, Turk Layan, T.J. Youngblood, John A. Seeman, John Ruvolo. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Judgement Day is
French produced film, 1983. Chantage X (1983) AKA Branchez-moi l’antenne au cul. Directed by Michel Ricaud. Featuring Cathy Stewart, Françoise Fosset, Laurence Lolo, Sylvain Pigeon, Ernest Globo. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Expectations (1977) AKA J’Ose tout. US produced film, 1977. Featuring Chris Cassidy, Delania Raffino, Jack Wright, Joey Silvera, Desiree West, Blair Harris. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Two women, one a wealthy socialite and the other a swinger, decide to swap lives. However as the novelty wears
Summer School Teachers (1974) Aka Le ragazze pon pon si scatenano. US produced, 1974. Featuring Candice Rialson, Pat Anderson, Rhonda Leigh Hopkins, Will Carney, Grainger Hines, Christopher Barrett, Dick Miller, Vince Barnett, Norman Bartold, Michael Greer, Barbara Peil, Ka-Ron Sowell Brown, Merie
US produced, 1984. Sex Busters (1984). Featuring Candi, Heather Wayne, Karen Summer, Sheri St. Clair, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice, Mr. Black, Peter North, Steve Drake. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex, Parody. Here’s a classic spoof of one of the most popular films of all time! The ‘Sexbusters’ are a
US produced film, 1980. More Dirty Debutantes 3 (1990). Featuring Cheri Monterey, Heather Lere, Karla Politano, Mia Powers, Roxanne Simmons, Selina Storm,Serena Heights, Stephanie Page, Katrina Valentine, Tyna Lynn, Wendy Waters, , Chad Chatsworth, Ed Powers, James Lynn, Jamie Gillis, John Lynn.
US produced, 1991. Lethal Passion (1991). Featuring Angel Kelly, Charisma, Jenna Wells, K.C. Williams, Mona Lisa, Nina Hartley, Silver, Tracey Adams, Buck Adams, Gerald Diamano, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, T.T. Boy, Wayne Summers. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Erotic adventure with deadly
France produced film by Henri Sala. Jambes en l air a Bangkok (1975). Featuring Jacques Cornet, Simone Bach, Pamela Birdy, Paul Mercey, Olga Valery, Henri Lafleur, Jacqueline Jacques, Sebastien Floche, Gilda Arancio, Martine Capdevielle, Guy Dhers. Classic, Adult, Adventure, Comedy, Hardcore Sex.
Hot Times at Copenhagen High (1980) AKA Schulmadchen Porno 2 – Madchen die es wissen wollen. Directed by Volker Boese. Germany produced, US published. Featuring Bea Fiedler, Biggi Stenzhorn, Dorle Buchner, Monika Sandmayr, Ursula Gaussmann, Malte Rens, Hanno Mohr, Manfred Ending, Thomas Moll, Hans
The Seduction of Inga (1969). Sweden. US. Film directed by Joseph W. Sarno. Featuring Marie Liljedahl, Tommy Blom, Lennart Lindberg. Classic, Drama, Erotic. The Seduction of Inga is Joseph Sarno’s sizzling and controversial sequel to his 1967 erotic masterpiece, Inga, starring the young,
Erotic Kill (1973) AKA Bare Breasted Countess (cut version), Erotic Kill (USA), Female Vampire, Insatiable Lust (France) (X-rated version), Jacula, La comtesse aux seins nus, La comtesse noire (cut version), Sicarius – the Midnight Party, The Black Countess, The Last Thrill, The Loves of Irina
US produced film, 1989. Summer Job (1989). Directed by Paul Madden. Featuring Sherrie Rose, James Summer, Amy Lynn Baxter, Cari Mayor, Renee Shugart, George Ortuzar, Fred Bourdin, Chantal, Dave Clouse, Kirt Earhardt, Jim Pelish, Hilly Gordon, Sherry Reichert, Kathleen Neu, Fannie Annie. Classic,
Italy produced, 1984. Perverse oltre le sbarre (1984). Directed by Gianni Siragusa. Featuring Ajita Wilson, Rita Silva, Linda Jones, Alessandro Freyberger, Leo Annibali, Aperio Bella Olivia, Leda Simonetti, Helen Johansson, Lucia Rotolini, Clorinda Pucci, Paola Tenaglia, Enrica Saltutti. Classic,
US produced film, 1984. Kissin Cousins (1984). Directed by Drea. Featuring Heather Wayne, Misty Regan, Summer Rose, Christy Canyon, Hershel Savage, James Miles, Scott Irish and Tony Martino. Classic, Adult, Sexy Girls, Hardcore Sex, Anal. Scene 1. Heather Wayne, Summer Rose Scene 2. Heather Wayne,
Eine Armee Gretchen (1973). Aka She Devils of the SS, Frauleins in Uniform, The Cutthroats. Switzerland, 1973. Directed by Erwin C. Dietrich. Featuring Elisabeth Felchner, Karin Heske, Renate Kasche, Carl Mohner, Helmut Fornbacher, Alexander Allerson, Hasso Preiss, Birgit Bergen, Milan Beli, Anne
As Vigaristas do Sexo (1982). Featuring Vanessa Alves, Jussara Calmon, Felipe Levy, Aiman Hammound, Ruy Leal, Sergio Hingst, Americo Taricano, Rubens Pignatari, Bianca Blonde, Paco Sanches, Henrique Lisboa, Arnaldo Fernandes, Aparecida de Castro. Directed by Ary Fernandes. Brazil published, 1982.
Classic adult feature film, featuring Sabina Milani, Sybilla Logana, Cindy Moore, Sade Gluide and Nathalie Petite. Jung & Versaut (1995). Germany published, VTO. Classic movies, adult, sexy girls, mature, legal teens, hot body, bedroom settings, interracial sex, hardcore. With audio.
Mulher, Mulher (1979). Brazil published, 1979. Featuring Helena Ramos, Carlos Casan, Petty Pesce, Denis Derkian, Liana Duval, Cavagnole Neto, Aldo Bueno, Paulo Leite, Zelia Toledo. Classic, Erotic, Drama.

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