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Das Sex-Taxi (1981). Film produced in Italy, 1981. Featuring Enzo Andronico, Marina Hedman, Guia Lauri Filzi, Marcella Petrelli, Mark Shannon, Nino Terzo, Aldo Ralli, Pauline Teutscher, Giulio Milella, Mary Botle. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
Attack of The 60 Foot Centerfold (1995). AKA L'attaque de la pin-up geante. US produced, 1995. Film directed by Fred Olen Ray. Featuring J.J. North, Ted Monte, Raelyn Saalman, Tammy Parks, Tim Abell, Jay Richardson, John Lazar, Michelle Bauer, George Stover, Nikki Fritz, Peter Spellos, Russ
Suess Und Schamlos (1984). Germany published film, 1984. US produced. Film directed by Hal Freeman. Featuring Stevie Taylor, Roxanne Rollan, Pam Jennings, Sheri St. Claire, Debbie Merrit, Eric Edwards, Marc Wallice, Chuck Martin, Mark Jennings. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. No matter how exciting
Manbait 1 (1991). US produced film, 1991. Featuring Alexandra Quinn, Cheri Taylor, Heather Hart, K.C. Williams, Leanna Foxxx, Moana Pozzi, Buck Adams, Cal Jammer, Peter North, Randy West, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, Tom Chapman, Ed Powers. Film directed by Gerard Damiano. Classic, Adult, Hardcore
Africa Erotica (1972). AKA The Black Decameron, Il decamerone nero. Italy, France, 1972. Featuring Beryl Cunningham, Djbril Diop, Line Senghor, Fatou Djame, Isseu Niang, Isabelle Diallo, Jacqueline Scott, Josy McGregor, Serigne N'Diaye. Classic, Adventure, Erotic.
La pension des fesses nues (1980). French produced film, 1980 by Alpha Video. Directed by Francis Leroi as Jim Clack. Featuring Brigitte Lelaurain, Brigitte Verbecq, Cathy Stewart, Dominique Saint Claire, Elodie Delage, Flore Soller, Julia Perrin, Margareth, Sophie Guers, Jean-Pierre Armand, Claude
Hoffmann und Söhne (1976). AKA The Pleasure Shoppe. Germany published, 1976. Beate Uhse Video. Directed by Alan Vydra. Featuring Claude Janna, Micky Love, Susan Rosebush, Candy Dallas, Angelique Duvier, Michele Grubert, Robert LeRay. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Mr Hoffman sells books and
Dolci Fughe D’Amore (1980). AKA Petites filles pour grand vicieux. France, Italy, 1980. Film directed by Michel Caputo. Featuring Brigitte Lelaurain, Brigitte Verbecq, Cyril Val, Carmelo Petix, Hélène Shirley, Dominique Saint Pierre, Lucie Doll, Patrick Perrin, Richard Allan, Gabriel
Loose Morals (1995). US produced film, 1995. Featuring Kaitlyn Ashley, Melissa Hill, P.J. Sparxx, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley, Steven St. Croix, TT Boy. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Jouir Jusqu’au Delire (1977). French produced film, 1977. Directed by Gérard Vernier. Featuring Brigitte Lahaie, Chantal Virapin, Micky Love, Elisabeth Bure, Claude Janna, Alban Ceray, Richard Lemieuvre, Charlie Schreiner. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Anal Pussy-Ñats (1990). Germany produced, 1990. International. Magma Hard and Extreme. Featuring Nicole, Marie, Isabell, Francise, Jaqueline, Christophe, Richard, J.P.Armand. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex, Anal.
Anale Ballerinas (1993). Germany published, International. Teeny Magma. Featuring Edith, Marie, Natascha, Joanne, Uschi, Bernadette, Yves, Richard, Philippe. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. 1) familiar shaggy dirty blonde [small but effective implants, prominent cysts on the left cheek; a very cute
Twice As Nice (1990). US produced film, 1990. Featuring Ashton Taylor, Heather Hunter, Tami Monroe, Michael Knight, Peter Lawrence, Robert Bullock. Classic, Adult, Feature, Anal, Interracial, Hardcore sex.
She’s the Boss (1992). US produced, 1992. Featuring Courtney, Jenna Wells, Mimi Miyagi, Tonisha Mills and Mike Horner, Peter North, TT Boy. Classic, Adult, Anal, Oral, Lesbo, Group, Latex, Hardcore Sex.
Super Erotic Sexorgasm (1979). AKA Demarcheuses en Chaleur. French produced, 1979. Featuring Valerie Martin, Marie-Claude Viollet, Genevieve Hue, Murielle Cadix, Gabriel Pontello, Alban Ceray, Hubert Geral, Gabriel Tesson. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex, 1979. Gilbert and Marie-Claude are just
Supremes Jouissances (1977). AKA Belles d'un soir. French published and produced film, 1977. Directed by Claude Mulot. Featuring Martine Grimaud, Veronique Maugarski, Brigitte Lahaie, Gilles Karl, Louison Boutin, Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Hubert Geral, Guy Bonnafoux, Tony Morena, Herve
Dr. Yes (1977). US produced film, 1977. Featuring Debbie Revenge, Crystal Sync, Susan Le Beau, Victoria Corsaut, David Pierce, Leo Lovemore, Mark Le Beau, Peter Andrews. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Backdoor Romance (1985). US produced film, 1985. Featuring Connie Peterson, Crystal Lovin, Fawn Paris, Kimberly Carson, Lili Marlene, Linda Shaw, Mindy Rae, Nicole West, Sheri St. Clair, Yoko Wong, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Buck Adams, Dan T. Mann, John Holmes, Jon Martin, Marc Wallice, Paul Thomas,
Deliveries in the Rear 1 (1985). US produced, 1985. Featuring Buffy Davis, Rhea, Kristara Barrington, Kevin James, Peggy LaMore, Jennifer Noxt, Steve Drake, Dan T. Mann, Billy Joe Fields. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
The Seduction of Lynn Carter (1974). US produced, 1974. Film directed Anthony Spinelli. Featuring Andrea True, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Thorpe, Tony Rousso, Robert Cole. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Whether it was a microphone or a cock, she just loved holding stiffies! She pulled off both a XXX and

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