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Labbra vogliose (1981). Film directed by Joe d'Amato and Claudio Bernabei. Italy produced, 1981. Featuring Francoise Perrot, Guia Lauri Filzi, Laura Levi, Mark Shannon, Paolo Gramignano. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Jungfrauen-Report (1972). AKA Virgin Report. Film directed by Jess Franco. Germany published, 1972. Featuring Hans Hass Jr., Eva Garden, Ingeborg Steinbach, Diane Winter, Howard Vernon, Herbert Weissbach, Christina von Blanc, Robert Costor, Friedrich Quandt, Antonio de Cabo, Rolf Eden, Victor
Booby Trap (1970). AKA 10 Seconds to Murder. US produced film, 1970. Featuring Carl Monson, Angela Carnon, Maybe Smith, Sharon Masters, Christopher Geoffries, Norman Fields, Buck Kartalian, Art Hedberg, Paul Heslin, Terry Woolman, Shirley Grinnell, Nick Raymond, Lisa Jourdan, Jeri Lynn, Steve
Biggi - Eine Ausreisserin (1980). Germany produced classic feature film, 1980. Directed by Charles Cohn. Featuring Rainer Abendroth, Petra Dyrthen, Karin Hilgers. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Allo, reseau de jouissance (1980). French produced film, 1980. Directed by Jean-Claude Roy. Featuring Celine Gallone, Mika Barthel, Linda Dull, Sophie Guers, Hubert Geral, Patrick Perrin amongst others. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Below The Belt (1971). Aka Die Nackten und Perversen. Published on a Double feature "The godson" plus "Bellow the belt". US published, 1971. Featuring John Tull, George Buck Flower, Steven Hodge, Fred Finkleloffe, Mirka Madnadraszky, Rene Bond, Uschi Digard, Terri Johnson, Bruce Kimball, Jane
Emanuelle, Queen of the Desert (1982). AKA La belva dalla calda pelle, The Dirty Seven, Die gnadenlosen Sieben. Italy produced, 1982. Directed by Bruno Fontana. Featuring Angelo Infanti, Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Giovanni Brusadori, Salvatore Lago, Vassili Karis, Pany Herod, Finny Anderson,
Katze Sucht Kater (1986). AKA Brividi caldi sulle labbra di mia moglie, Gros culs vierges à défoncer, Katze zucht Kater, Maniers d’amour. Film directed by Pierre Unia. Featuring Amanda Shell, Chantal Trobert, Eva Kleber, Karoline Houtart, Laetitia Thomas, Marie-France, Marilyn Jess,
Die Stewardessen (1971). AKA Naked Stewardesses, Sweet Sensations, The Swingin Stewardesses. Film directed and written by Erwin C. Dietrich. Featuring Evelyne Traeger, Ingrid Steeger, Kathrin Heberle, Margrit Siegel, Raphael Britten, Detlev Heyse and Bernd Wilczewski. Europe produced film, 1971.
Winter of 1849 (1976). Published on a triple feature. US produced film, 1976. Featuring Andrea True, Renee St. Clair, Dede Bond, Crissy Sherif, Anita Dalon, Julie Cotton, Zizi Israk, Sunny Summers, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Rik Taziner, Ross Benton, Tony Rittle, Thom Cal. Classic, Adult, Hardcore
From Holly With Love (1978). US produced, 1978. Featuring Crystal Sync, Bethanna, Marlene Willoughby, Patty Boyd, Carter Stevens, Jeffrey Hurst, Michael Gaunt, R. Bolla and Tony Perez. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Summertime at the beach. It’s the place where a guy can get more than an eyeful of
Dangerous Stuff (1985). Film directed by Cecil Howard. US produced, 1985. Featuring Ange, Renee Summers, Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, Robin Everett, Tiffany Clark, Annette Heinz, Taija Rae, David Scott. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Throbbing, sobbing, and hot from Broadway, Cecil Howard’s
Cheerleaders (1984). US produced film, directed by Georgio. 1984. Featuring Desiree Farrari, Candy Burroughs, Robin Stone, Jonathan Savage, Suzy Love, Lisa Lott, Veronica, Sam Brick, Peter Small, Christine Summers, Don Harden, Honey Suckle. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Are you tired of your boss?
69 Park Avenue (1985). US produced film, 1985. Featuring Colleen Brennan, Cherri Roberts, Erica Boyer, Little Oral Annie, Patti Petite, Tiffany Duponte, Chris Chase, Dan T. Mann, Mike Horner, Rocky Balboa and Tom Byron. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985,
Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle (1977). AKA Velluto nero, Black Velvet, Emanuelle in Egypt, Emanuelle viciosa, Naked Paradise, Smooth Velvet, Raw Silk. Film directed by Brunello Rondi. Italy published, 1977. Featuring Laura Gemser, Annie Belle, Al Cliver, Gabriele Tinti, Feodor Chaliapin Jr.,
Winter Heat (1975). Techicolor. Film produced and directed by Claude Goddard. US produced, 1975. Featuring Jamie Gillis, Susan Sloan, Mickey Humm, Jennifer Jordan, Jenny Lane, Alex Mann. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
In Sarah’s Eyes (1975). US produced film, 1975. 4 film collection. Featuring Lorraine Alraune, Anna Livia Plurabella, Eric Edwards, Tony Richards, Lynn Harris, Gwen Star, Crystal Fontaine, Peonies Jong, Bill Morgan, Ashley Moore. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hardcore Sex.
Douce penetration (1975). France produced film, 1975. Featuring Catherine Castel, Eva Khris, Eva Quang, Jocelyne Clairis, Marie-Pierre Castel, Martine Grimaud, Tania Busselier. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Debordements de plaisir (1975). Europe produced film, 1975. France. Featuring Carole Gire, Ingrid dEve, Jocelyne Clairis, Martine Grimaud, Nadia Day, Sylvia Bourdon, Richard Darbois, Cyril Val, Alban Ceray, Manu Pluton, Madou Sal. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975). US produced adult feature film, 1975. Featuring Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, Alan Marlow, Shelly Turner, Levi Richards, Roger Caine, Ed Marshall, Daryl Spangler. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.

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