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Notes and Suggestions

Some Notes and Suggestions that could help browsing our website:

To have a high quality view, we recommend you to play the film with the original size, if you increase the size of the video, a poor quality may occur. For example if you run a video with 640 x 480 resolution in a full HD, the clip will have a poor quality.

There might be films with no audio, information about are listed in the post.

We do our best to keep a good quality in our posts, all the films and magazines posted on the website are tested before they are published, also we have specified in the post if a film has no sound, has any issues or have a poor video quality (there are some posts to be updated).


Usually all the operating systems have a build-in program to be able to extract the files from compressed .RAR, but if you canít extract/open the compressed .RAR file you can use ďWin-RarĒ or ď7-zipď, both programs are free to use.

Canít open .PDF files? you can use Adobe Reader free to use program, if you donít want the ďOptional offersĒ that Adobe Reader have included, uncheck them.

You canít open the film? have no sound? canít render the file? You should check if your media player have all the codecs required.

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