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Passions Dechainees (1982). AKA Tochter aus Gutem Hause, Passione Scatenata. Classic french produced film, featuring Yves Callas, Hubert Geral, Andre Kay, Carole Pierac, Obaya Roberts, Guy Royer, Dominique Saint Claire, Helene Shirley. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. At least three other females,
Light my Fire. Classic anal sex scene over a fireplace setting. Twosome sex (f, m). Classic, cut scene, sexy girl, hot body, blowjob, hairy pussy, hardcore sex. With audio.
Mai Lin Versus Serena (1980s). Classic adult featuring film, featuring Mai Lin, Serena, Jesse Adams, Anne Fisher, Jade Wong, Margaret Smith, Monique DuBois, R. Haag, Robin Sane, Sheila Parks. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Adult film stars Mai Lin and Serena are both in the
Cozy Kitchen. Classic kitchen sex, color sex film with audio. Twosome sex. Chef Girl. Classic, cut scene, twosome sex, sexy girl, hot body, kitchen settings, hardcore sex. With audio.
Hot Tub Hangup. US produced color sex film, with audio. Twosome Sex. Sexy brunette model. Classic, cut scene, sexy girl, hot body, bath hub, skinny, small tits, blowjob, hardcore sex.
Little Bit Of Honey (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Betty Boobs, Nina Hartley, Siobhan Hunter, Viper, Tom Byron. US produced, 1987. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
Exciting 8. Exciting classic magazine, printed by Color Climax. Full color. Danish produced. Classic magazine, sexy girls, adult, group, hot models, hot, body, hairy pussy, blowjob, hardcore sex.
In Charmís Way (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Barbie Doll, Frankie Leigh, Nikki Charm, Sharon Mitchell, Buddy Love, Johnny Angel, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor. Film directed by Ron Jeremy. US produced, 1987. Classic, adult, hardcore sex. Scene 1. Frankie Leigh, guy Scene 2. Buddy Love,
Cover Girl 59 - Hot Tits. Cover Girl US 8mm hardcore sex loop, with audio (music). Featuring Karine Hornel and Frank James. Twosome Sex (f, m). US produced and published. Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Mature Girl, Hot Body, Living room Settings, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex.
Lobby Card - Africa Erotica - Gli Amanti Puniti (3). Gli Amanti Puniti - The Old Prostitute who manages to take revenge from all the village dignitaries who wrongfully condemned her brother. Film footage is part of Erotic feature film ďAfrica Erotica (1972) aka The Black DecameronĒ. Italy, France,

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