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Diverting the tile man. Classic color sex film footage, with audio. US produced. Twosome sex. Classic, cut scene, sexy blonde girl, hot body, mature, blowjob, sex from behind, hardcore.
Schwarze Katzen-Weisse Haut (1979). AKA Blonde In Black Silk. Featuring Serena, Merle Michaels, David Bellow's, Arcadia, Eric Edwards, Erica Mathews, Jake Jeague, Susan Bell, Casey Rogers, Joel Kane, Bob Priesley, Ron Jeremy, Bobbie Burton, Bobby Astyr, Eddie Mitchel, Jeremy Deeds, George Anderson,
Intimate Games (1976). AKA Sex Games of the Very Rich. Featuring George Baker, Monika Ringwald, John Benson, Dudley Stevens, Jonathan David, Peter Blake, Chet Townsend, Anna Bergman, Maria St. Clare, Edward Kalinski, Heather Deeley, Suzy Mandel, Felicity Devonshire, Norman Chappell, Lindy Benson.
J'ai droit au plaisir (1976). AKA Ho diritto al piacere, Tengo derecho al placer, Nadine, ena glyko. French, Canada, 1976. film directed by Claude Pierson. Featuring Laure Cottereau, Anne Sand, Alain Saury, Gabriel Coez, Christian Duroc, Francoise Beccarie, Frederic Duru, Rosine Amard, Donald Juin,
Porno Color 38. Porno Color magazine. Danish produced magazine. Color sex and black and white. Classic magazine, sexy girls, group sex, hot body, brunette, hairy pussy, blowjob, hardcore sex. JPEG, PDF format.
Painting Games. Vintage Pigtail girl. Classic US produced color sex film footage, with audio. Twosome Sex (f, m). Classic, cut scene, sexy girl, skinny, hot body, hairy pussy, blowjob, sex from behind, hardcore sex.
Climbing Kevin's Pole. US classic color sex film footage, with audio. Twosome Sex (f, m). Unknown cast. Classic, cut scene, sexy girl, hot body, hairy, pussy, living room settings, blowjob, hardcore sex.
Teenies Extrem 4 (1988). Teenies Extrem Teil 4. Germany produced VHS. Canai Film. Teenies Extrem series. Featuring Effie Buster amongst others. Classic, Adult, Anal, Hardcore Sex. VHS.
Teenies Extrem 3 (1988). Teenies Extrem Teil 3. Germany produced VHS. Canai Film. Teenies Extrem series. Featuring Pam Snyder amongst others. Classic, Adult, VHS.
Sexcapades (1983). Directed by Henri Pachard. Featuring Ashley Welles, Joanna Storm, Lee Caroll, Mai Lin, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Clark, Anna Samble, Candida Royale, Alan Adrian, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Michael Bruce, Joe Santini. US produced, 1983. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.

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