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Striparama Volume 2 Number 6 1963. featuring: America's foremost burlesque beauties. Striparama classic magazine, black and white/color. US produced. Sexy pin-up girls posing. Female nudity. JPEG format.
Spree Volume 1 Number 38 - 1963. New: Sensational Giant Pin-Up Foldout in Full color. Spicy Humor, Daring Fiction. Spree classic magazine, black and white/color. US produced. Sexy pin-up girls posing. JPEG format.
Spick and Span Extra Autumn magazine. Black and white, color poster. Sexy girls posing. Classic magazine. JPEG format. Us produced.
Pussy Parade 3 - Crotch Kissing Cop (version 2). Pussy Parade loop. US 8mm color sex loop, with audio (music). Featuring Marcia Minor, f, m. US produced and published. Threesome Sex (2f, m). Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Mature Girls, Brunette, Hot Body, Busty, Big Tits, Bedroom Settings, Hairy Pussy,
Sexorcism 2 - Country Ball. Sexorcism film. US produced 8mm loop series. Twosome Sex (f, m). Classic, 8mm Film, Outdoor settings, Sexy Girl, Hot Body, Hairy Pussy, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex. With audio (music). Unknowon cast. No poster. Poor video quality.
John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens (1979). Featuring Kitten, Serena, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Keli, Valerie Clarke, Bobbie Hall, John Holmes, Johnnie Keyes. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. US produced, 1979. It Took seven years to produce this magnificent erotic saga of the mighty Johnny
Lesbian sex 3. US produced color sex film footage. Scene 9 from Awakening of Salley (1984). Featuring unknown brunette girl and Angel Love. Twosome Sex (2f). Classic, Cut Scene, 8mm Film, Sexy Girls, Mature, Hot Body, Hairy Pussy, Lesbian Sex. With audio. Film also might been published as loop.
Leg Show - March 1992. US produced color magazine. Foot fetish. Sexy girls posing. Female nudity. Shaved pussy. JPEG, PDF format.
Three Ripening Cherries (1979). Classic adult feature film, featuring Misty Regan, Brooke West, Dorothy Lemay, Kitty Shayne, Rosa Lee. US produced, 1979. Classic, Adult, Lesbian Sex, Hardcore.
Inner Sanctum 2 (1994). Classic erotic feature film, featuring Michael Nouri, Tracy Brooks Swope, Sandahl Bergman, David Warner, Margaux Hemingway, Jennifer Ciesar, John Coleman, Suzanne Ager, Joe Estevez, James Booth, Fred Olen Ray, Peter Spellos, Eric Amiel, Gabriel Ortiz, John Blyth Barrymore.
Mai Lin Versus Serena (1980s). Classic adult featuring film, featuring Mai Lin, Serena, Jesse Adams, Anne Fisher, Jade Wong, Margaret Smith, Monique DuBois, R. Haag, Robin Sane, Sheila Parks. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Adult film stars Mai Lin and Serena are both in the
Little Bit Of Honey (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Betty Boobs, Nina Hartley, Siobhan Hunter, Viper, Tom Byron. US produced, 1987. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
In Charmís Way (1987). Classic adult feature film, featuring Barbie Doll, Frankie Leigh, Nikki Charm, Sharon Mitchell, Buddy Love, Johnny Angel, Ron Jeremy, Sasha Gabor. Film directed by Ron Jeremy. US produced, 1987. Classic, adult, hardcore sex. Scene 1. Frankie Leigh, guy Scene 2. Buddy Love,
Dreams Of Pleasure (1983). Classic adult feature film, featuring Shauna Grant, Misty Dawn, Yvette Dubois, Ron Jeremy, Craig Roberts. US produced, 1983. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. ďSuperstar Ron Jeremy plays an analyst who specializes in wet dreams and sexual hang-ups. After a long, hard day of
Private Peeks - Betty Page Volume 4. Betty Page dedicated magazine. Sexy pin up girl model posing nude. Printed in black and white. US produced. Classic magazine, sexy girl posing, female nudity. JPEG, PDF format.
Wench 1 (1962). America's spiciest adult magazine. Classic sexy models posing nude. US produced magazine. Printed in black and white. Classic magazine, sexy girls, female nudity. JPEG, PDF format.
Payup-Putout. Classic color sex film footage, with audio. US produced. Group sex (3f, m). Classic, cut scene, sexy girls, hot body, skinny, busty, hairy pussy, blowjob, hardcore sex.
Flowers For Linda's Love. Linda Shaw classic color sex film, with audio. Intense action with Linda giving out her best. US produced. Classic, cut scene, twosome sex, blonde, mature, busty, big tits, bedroom settings, blowjob, hardcore sex, facial.
Diverting the tile man. Classic color sex film footage, with audio. US produced. Twosome sex. Classic, cut scene, sexy blonde girl, hot body, mature, blowjob, sex from behind, hardcore.
Sexcapades (1983). Directed by Henri Pachard. Featuring Ashley Welles, Joanna Storm, Lee Caroll, Mai Lin, Sharon Kane, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Clark, Anna Samble, Candida Royale, Alan Adrian, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Michael Bruce, Joe Santini. US produced, 1983. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
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