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Connois Seur Film 9 - Anal Lady (version 2). Anal Lady. Connois Seur 9. Connoisseur Presents. 8mm hardcore sex film, featuring Chris Cassidy, Jesse Adams and Michael Morrison. A Diamond Collection production. US produced. Threesome Sex (1f-2m). Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy mature Girl, Blonde, Hot Body,
The Younger The Better (1982). US produced, 1982. Film directed by Stu Segall (as Michelle Krelmn). Featuring Jennifer West, Ray Wells, April Davis, Gaylene Marie, June Flowers, Alex Elliot, Jerry Davis, John Colt, Dale Houlihan. Classic, Erotic, Comedy, Drama. An aging hooker gathers a group of
The Lost Empire (1984). US produced, 1984. Film directed Jim Wynorski. Featuring Melanie Vincz, Raven De La Croix, Angela Aames, Paul Coufos, Robert Tessier, Angus Scrimm, Blackie Dammett, Linda Shayne, Kenneth Tobey, Tom Rettig, Angelique Pettyjohn, Art Hern, Anne Gaybis, Bill Thornbury, Gary Don
All Night Long (1975). US produced, 1975. Directed by Alan Colberg. Featuring John Holmes, Ric Lutze, Esther Walker, Patrick Wright, Marius Mazmanian, Suzy Chung, Desiree West, Melba Bruce, Sharon Thorpe, Toni Scott, Veronica Taylor, Joan Devlon, George 'Buck' Flower, Tallie Cochrane, Brenda
Cinema Blue - July 1992. US produced classic color sex magazine, July 1992 Edition. Classic magazine, sexy mature girls, hot body, big tits, busty, blowjob, hardcore sex. JPEG, PDF format.
Backdoor Brides 4 (1993). US produced, 1993. Featuring Celeste, Courtney, Nicole Mitchell, Ona Z, Skye Blue, Tracy West, Cal Jammer, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Randy West. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex.
Unknown US loop 6. Unknown 8mm color sex film, with audio (music). US produced. Twosome sex (f, m). Classic, 8mm film, sexy girl, busty, big tits, bedroom settings, blowjob, anal sex, sex toys, hardcore.
The New Figure Models 3. Classic black and white magazine. Adults only. Female nudity. Looks US produced. Classic magazine, outdoor settings, sexy girls, pin up, hot body, female nudity. JPEG format.
Foursome Brats. US produced color sex film footage, with audio. Bedroom sex. Foursome (2f, 2m). Classic, cut scene, sexy girls, skinny, hot body, hairy pussy, blowjob, hardcore sex.
Teenage Twins (1980s). Film directed by Carter Stevens. Featuring Brooke Young, Taylor Young, Tina Von Davis, Eric Edwards, Leo Lovelace. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Comedy, Hardcore sex. If you're used to suggestive titles that do not deliver, get ready for Teenage Twins, the story of
Teenage Runaways (1980s). AKA Punk Rock. Featuring Anna Lisa Plurabella, Clea Carson, Crystal Sync, Jean Sanders, Joanne Shallow, Joy Peters, Madeline Jack, Paula Morton, Phyllis Flowers, Susan LeBeau, Susaye London, Bobby Astyr, Don Peterson, Eric Edwards, Mark LeBeau, Martin Ford, Pepe, Peter
Rollerbabies (1980s). Film directed by Carter Stevens. Featuring Barbara Bush, Linda Young, Mary Stuart, Solange Shannon, Suzanne McBain, Terri Hall, Yolanda Savalas, David Williams, Roger Caine, Alan Marlow. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Comedy. "In the future there will be no sex, but
Summer Sex. Classic color sex scene, with audio. US produced. Classic, cut scene, sexy mature girl, hot body, couch sex, hardcore.
Weekend Jaybird 12. Nudist magazine. Color. Looks US produced. Classic magazine, outdoor settings, nudism, female nudity. JPEG, PDF format.
Satana 8. Satana - Issue No 8 - 1965. Unknown magazine series. US produced black and white magazine. Lifestyle. Pin up girls. Female nudity. Big boobs. JPEG format.
Stephanie's Lust Story (1982). US produced color sex adult feature film, 1982. Featuring Gena Lee, John Hollyfield, Drea, Tigr, Nicole Black, Veronica Hart, William Margold, Wayne Reynolds. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. This is the ultimate account of the lustful impulses that might suck any
Home Cooking Sex. US produced color sex film footage, with audio. US produced. Kitchen settings. Classic, cut scene, twosome sex, sexy girl, hot body, blowjob, hardcore sex, facial.
Female Joy. Classic US produced color sex film footage. Sexy female masturbating. Solo. Memories.
Showgirl Superstars 11. Showgirl a Gourmet edition. US produced classic color sex magazine, by the "Showgirls" loop serie. Classic magazine, adult, sexy mature girls, busty, big tits, hot body, blowjob, anal, hardcore sex. JPEG, PDF format.
Girl in Need. Unknown John Holmes color sex film footage. Unknown girl plus John Holmes. Twosome Sex (f, m). US produced. Classic, cut scene, sexy girl, brunette, bedroom settings, hot body, blowjob, big cock, hardcore sex. With audio.