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Ribu Video 314 - Jailhouse Sex (1982). AKA Prison très spéciale pour femmes, Een Biezondere Vrouwengevangenis, Jailhouse Sex (Germany, Ribu DVD). VHS. Featuring Catherine Boirie, Christine Black, Connie Hörnum, France Raygil, Françoise Jiminez, Lise Pinson Mika Barthel, Monique
Ribu Video 303 - Worksex (1979). VHS. Featuring Angelina Brasini, Bärbel von Staden, Cathy Stewart, Jane Iwanoff and Peter Bond. Germany published, 1979. Classic adult feature film, sexy girls, adult, hardcore sex. With audio.
Showgirl Superstars 8 - Serena's Fantasies. Showgirl Superstars VHS. Serena's Fantasies. Featuring Brooke West, Connie Cox, Serena, Sharon Kane, Tawny Pearl, Valerie Darlyn, Aaron Stuart, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Eric Stein, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas and Paul Baressi. US produced,
Showgirl Superstars 1 - Lesllie Bovee's Fantasies. Lesllie Bovee's Fantasies. Showgirl Superstars VHS. US produced, 1982. Featuring Lesllie Bovee, Chris Cassidy. US produced, 1982. Classic, compilation, adult, hardcore sex. With audio.
Ribu Video 309 – Sweet Young Girls. AKA Les Petites nymphettes, Calde dive del sesso. Featuring Celine Gallone, Dominique Saint Claire, Flore Soller, Jane Baker, Julia Perrin, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Sandrine Pernelle, Ulrike Lary, Gil Lagardere, Jacques Vinair, Cyril Val and Guy Royer.
Ribu Video 302 - Martine Venus der Wollust (1979). AKA Je suis vicieuse, Cette malicieuse Martine. Directed by Heiko Hagemann. Featuring Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Liliane Lemieuvre, Marilyn Jess, Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer and Richard Lemieuvre.
Teenage Climax Video 413. Video-Filme. Film-Lab A/S. Denmark produced, Copenhagen. Teenage Climax video compilation. Three films serie “410 up to 413”. Including Sex Orgy, Sexy Schoolgirls, Love Machine, Lesbian Sisters, Love Machine 2 and Sweet Fifteen. Featuring Christa, Felicia, Hanne, Jytte,
Climax Prestige 701 - Illusions Of Ecstasy. Climax Prestige Video. Film directed by Lawrence T. Cole. US produced. International. 1984. Featuring Erica Idol, Ginger Lynn, Lili Marlene, Lynn Franciss, Mauvais DeNoir, Sheri St. Clair, Susan Hart, Billy Dee, Blair Harris, Jamie Gillis, Jon Martin,
The Pleasure Hunt (1984). Climax Prestige 704 - The Pleasure Hunt. Climax Prestige Video. Film directed by Lawrence Cole. US produced. International. 1984. Featuring Ginger Lynn, Lili Marlene, Lynx Canon, Candy, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, Hershel Savage, Blair Harris, Dan Mann, Jon Martin, John
Big and Black - Danish Climax 3. Danish Climax Hardcore Video 3. Film-Lab A-S Copenhagen. Compilation including Black Orgasm, Big John, Black Fucker, Busty Queen, Anal Extase and Sperm & Anal Orgy. Featuring Anne Magle, Anne Marit, Janna and Rosie amongst others. Denmark produced, Copenhagen.
Brother & Sister - Danish Climax 10. Brother and Sister. Danish Climax Hardcore Video 10. Film-Lab A-S Copenhagen. Compilation including Incest Love, Sex Family, Brother And Sister, Lola Special, Sexy Schoolgirls and Strip Poker. Featuring Christa, Gudrun, Helena and Inger aka Jannie Nielson.
Golden Girls 10 (1983). Golden Girls VHS. US produced and published, 1983. Featuring Debi Diamond, Gina Martell, Linda Shaw, Shantell Day, Ray Wells, Ron Jeremy. Classic, Compilation, Sexy Girls, Hardcore Sex. With audio. Front poster is missing. A Sailor Delight is a young blonde wh o can't get
Chris Cassidy's Fantasies (1982). Showgirls Superstars Volume 13. Featuring Bonnie Holiday, Brooke West, Cris Cassidy, Crystal Dawn, Lesllie Bovee, Lisa Sue Corey , Bob Bernharding, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner and RJ Reynolds. US produced and published. Classic, Compilation, 8mm Film, Sexy Girls,
Ribu Video 316 – Laura’s Gelüste. AKA Laura’s Desire. Directed by Heiko Hagemann. Featuring Britt Corvin, Dominique, Monique Charell, Sigrun Theil and Nico Wolferstetter. Germany published, 1977. Classic adult feature film, sexy girls, adult, hardcore sex. With audio. Download Ribu Video 316
The Young and the Wrestling. Climax Prestige 718. Published by Color Climax Corporation. VHS. Featuring Melissa, Britt Morgan, Shanna McCullough and Randy West. US produced, International. Late 1980s’. Classic, Sexy Mature Girls, Hot Body, Hairy Pussy, Interracial Sex, Sexy Ass, Blowjob, Hardcore
Playboy Pleasure. Blue Climax Video 454. Produced and published by Color Climax. VHS Color Climax. Featuring Helene Shirley, Fabienne, Dominique Saint Claire, Marilyn Jess, Gabriel Pontello and Richard Allan. US published, International. France produced. Classic, Sexy Mature Girls, Hot Body, Hairy
Singapore Magic. Blue Climax Video 464. Produced and published by Color Climax. VHS Color Climax. Featuring Yoko (asian model), Jean-Pierre Armand, Alban Ceray, Laura Clair, Jennifer Mars, Vicky Laurence, J. Sandy and Tatiana. US published, International. Classic, Sexy Mature Girl, Hot Body, Hairy
Die Steifeprufung. Schulmadchen-Porno. Love Video 2003. Love Video VHS. Featuring Gudrun Grau and Johanna Ebertseder. Published in Germany, 1977. Classic, 8mm Film, High School, Schoolgirls, Sexy School Girls, Legal Teens, Teacher, School Settings, Hardcore Sex. With audio.
TGA Excalibur 3 - Udderly Fantastic. TGA Excalibur compilation serie. Classic adult feature film. Compilation. Featuring Angel Cash, Chris Anderson, Debi Gunter, Denise Berrison, Laurie Smith, Lauri Noel, Leslie Winston, Sylvia Benedict, Terry Galko, Rick Toole and Ron Jeremy. US produced and
Die Nagelprobe. Love Video 2008. Love Video VHS. Featuring Claudia Mehringer and Rainer Abendroth. Love Video Production. Published in Germany, 1977. Compilation. Classic, 8mm Film, Sexy Girls, Brunette, Mature, Skinny, Hot Body, Group Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore. With audio.

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