Ribu Video 361 - Exzesse in der Holle (1982). France produced, US published. 1982. VHS. Classic, adult feature film, hardcore sex.
Ribu Video 320 - Sweet Sexy Slips (Germany, Ribu DVD). Aka Heisse Höschen. France produced, Germany published. US. 1982. VHS. Featuring Cathy Ménard, Cathy Stewart, Claire Lenoir, Claudine Aubert, Claudine Gauthier, Dominique Saint Claire, Emmanuelle Parèze, France Lomay, Guia Lauri
Ribu Video 318 – Scheherazade – 1001 Sex Nights (1982). AKA 1001 Erotic Nights – The Story Of Scheherazade, Scheherazade – 1001 Sex Nights (Germany, Ribu DVD). VHS. Film directed by Stephen Lucas. Featuring Annette Haven, Jade Wong, Laura Lazare, Lisa DeLeeuw, Lysa Thatcher, Mai Lin, Nicole Black,
Ribu Video 317 – Wild Playgirls (1982). AKA Parfums de lingeries intimes, Wild Playgirls (Germany, Ribu DVD). VHS. Film directed by Michel Jean. Featuring Uschi Kanart, Doris Champs, Ingrid Barlon, Kathy Stewart, Christine Neona, Christine Weiss, Desiree Pompilon, Dorle Buchner, Alban Ceray,
Ribu Video 314 - Jailhouse Sex (1982). AKA Prison très spéciale pour femmes, Een Biezondere Vrouwengevangenis, Jailhouse Sex (Germany, Ribu DVD). VHS. Featuring Catherine Boirie, Christine Black, Connie Hörnum, France Raygil, Françoise Jiminez, Lise Pinson Mika Barthel, Monique
Ribu Video 303 - Worksex (1979). VHS. Featuring Angelina Brasini, Bärbel von Staden, Cathy Stewart, Jane Iwanoff and Peter Bond. Germany published, 1979. Classic adult feature film, sexy girls, adult, hardcore sex. With audio.
Ribu Video 309 – Sweet Young Girls. AKA Les Petites nymphettes, Calde dive del sesso. Featuring Celine Gallone, Dominique Saint Claire, Flore Soller, Jane Baker, Julia Perrin, Nadine Roussial, Nicole Segaud, Sandrine Pernelle, Ulrike Lary, Gil Lagardere, Jacques Vinair, Cyril Val and Guy Royer.
Ribu Video 302 - Martine Venus der Wollust (1979). AKA Je suis vicieuse, Cette malicieuse Martine. Directed by Heiko Hagemann. Featuring Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Cathy Stewart, Diane Dubois, Liliane Lemieuvre, Marilyn Jess, Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Guy Royer and Richard Lemieuvre.
Ribu Video 316 – Laura’s Gelüste. AKA Laura’s Desire. Directed by Heiko Hagemann. Featuring Britt Corvin, Dominique, Monique Charell, Sigrun Theil and Nico Wolferstetter. Germany published, 1977. Classic adult feature film, sexy girls, adult, hardcore sex. With audio. Download Ribu Video 316

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