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Pornoboy 13

Pornoboy 13
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    PORNOBOY 13, AI enhanced issue! PORNOBOY is International magazine, Printed in U.S.A. / Germany (61 pages).

    Ladies Day!
    Costa Rica Fuck!
    Three Quarters!
    Jerry Cock!
    Porno Museum!
    Endless Suck!
    Tanning House Specialist!
    Dirty Old Man!
    Green light!
    Trumpet Music!

    You'll also catch that hot mare Corina as she gets it from both directions from two high class studs - one in her cunt, the other firmly up her asshole. The wildest dreams come true as the bitch bucks to one orgasm after the other. She can't shake 'em! The very latest thing in rodeos!
    Every real man likes to have two women on the line at once. Imagine what it's like to have two sets of wet, warm smackers sucking away at your cock! A blockbuster of a hard-on! The blood pulses through the rod, the glans tight as a drum-head. In the next issue see what two on one really means!
    Finally, we'll be presenting that one and only cunt licking specialist, Don Carlos. His favorite flavor is brown sugar. Those beautiful black cunts can't get enough of his expert tongue work. The molasses really starts flowing from the pot. Africa's in ecstasy as the Nile floods again and again.

    Pornoboy 13Pornoboy 13Pornoboy 13Pornoboy 13
29 January 2024, 00:42
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