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Peaches Special 24

Peaches Special 24
  • Classic Magazines
  • Hello, Big Booby Lovers, How's your life these days? Swinging from tit to tit?

    One or two of the letters I've had from you haven't sounded too cheerful. You're happy enough with PEACHES SPECIAL as a magazine there I go, preening my bouncers! but you're you're longing to get hold of some big flesh-and-blood tits for yourselves.

    Over that, there's nothing I could sympathize with more. You know how your Kathy is always on the look- out for gorgeous glories herself! Really, I'd love to help all of you, even giving you my whoppers for a night! Finding well-stacked girls can be difficult though. I just seem to attract other huge boobs; but I have two advan- tages; my own big tits are like magnets! How I do it, honestly, I do not know; so I can't pass on any advice.

    You're right! We'll have to have a proper think about the notion of a contact section. I know that there are lonely busty ladies around, but they don't always fancy the idea of a go-between like me! Some of you big-titted girls, I write in, if the idea appeals! . Anyway, you men enjoy yourselves amongst the pages of luscious fruits, to ease the pain a little!
    Titfuls of Love,

    Featuring girls: Angela Duncan, Arianne Mills Cover, Mary Penny, Nicky Stanton, Titty Carter

    Genre: Classic, Softcore Magazine, Big Tits, Female Nudity, Softcore

    Peaches Special 24Peaches Special 24Peaches Special 24Peaches Special 24
15 April 2023, 20:23
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