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Blue Climax 31

Blue Climax 31
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  • Blue Climax 31 Beach Orgy, Alexis, Sexual Drive, Randy Annie, Thrilling Filling!

    Edition: Blue Climax, Color Climax!

    Blue Climax 31 - Beach Orgy

    Jurgen was wealthy enough to be able to enjoy long holidays under the hot sun of the Canary Islands, where his father had bought a summer villa just outside Las Palmas. As he strolled along the coast, he used every opportunity to take pictures of the scantily dressed Iovlies lying on the sand, getting tanned and warmed up and looking extremely desirable and sexy...

    Whilst standing on the terrace of the local light-house - Jiirgen was good friends with the caretaker - he spot-ted a couple of girls taking holiday snaps of each other. He shot a few pictures him-self with his telephoto lens and then decided to take the matter further... "Hello, girls!" he greeted them as he approached. "I think you could do better than your little Polaroid camera!" he added, glancing over their photographs. "These aren't bad!" he continued, "but I think that I can do more interesting pictures and more sexy too!"

    Pointing towards the light-house, Jurgen made a confession... "I first spotted you two from up there." he informed them "And I simply couldn't resist the temptation to make your acquaintance! What are your names and where do you come from?" Having introduced themselves and told him that they were from Switzerland, Stephanie and Babette didn't waste any more time... "What about this sexy shooting you suggested?" Stephanie enquired with lewd determination. "How about some naughty poses!" Jurgen replied, getting busy with his camera...

    Babette was the first to pose lewdly, pulling aside the crutch of her panties, revealing her labia. As for Stephanie, she got busy with the photographer's dick.

    She began to suck him off avidly. Soon, her girlfriend joined her. Jurgen decided to drop photography in favour of more interesting pursuits! He groaned with inward delight as the two Swiss Misses shared his throbbing phallus like two lionesses share the same piece of meat. Babette even gave his balls a thorough licking whilst Stephanie continued sucking his shaft. And when Stephanie finally decided that it was time to take a ride, she gasped and sighed loudly as Jurgen's virility penetrated her...

    "What about me?!" Babette asked complainingly when Stephanie insisted on keeping Jurgen's cock to herself. "Stop moaning and let me lick your pussy!" Stephanie replied.

    Stephanie's oral job turned Babette on so much that her cranny became thoroughly soaked... And as soon as her "partner in crime" orgasm ed, whinnying like a satisfied mare, Babette took over with lightning speed and started to ride as though she had reached the very last minutes of her life...!

    Babette's very high fucking tempo caused her to come within one minute, giving Stephanie a second chance to enjoy a good fuck. "Which one of you girls will volunte-er for a bit of 'Greek'?" Juirgen asked, referring to his favourite perversion, in a question he put to all his lo-vers... "Me! Me! I love it! Absolutely love it!" Babette ex-claimed eagerly, anticipa-ting the feeling of Airgen's thick cock in her arse hole. "Then show me just how much you do!" Jurgen commented randy as he penetrated her anus, pushing his dick between her but-

    "And now, I think I'd like to come in your face, if you don't mind!" Jurgen announced randily. withdrawing his prick from Babette's burning rectum. Babette wanked him off with an expert hand until his seed exploded into her face and splashed onto Stephanie's too as she came closer...

    Information: Denmark, 1985

    Blue Climax 31Blue Climax 31Blue Climax 31Blue Climax 31
02 February 2023, 22:30
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