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Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)

Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)
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  • Molly - Familjeflickan (1978), AKA Molly - Familjeflickan / Sex in Sweden / Molly - Naive girl. Produced in Sweden. Two young and pretty girls go to rest by the sea, to a country house with their relatives. There they communicate and have fun.

    Girls just do love to have fun with each other. Periodically, they remember what erotic adventures happened to them at home.

    And at home they have enough fun, a whole bunch of sexually horny relatives. Mother, sister, aunt, uncle. In general, the two sisters have someone to spy on and something to learn.

    One of them falls in love with an older relative, but there is already a contender for him, and she has to watch them with tears in her eyes, the spectacle aroused her so much that only her own hand could help.

    As a result, the uncle corrupts the girl. This was seen by a young man who liked her, with frustration, he goes to a brothel...

    Cast: Eva Axén, Darby Lloyd Rains, Anita Ericsson, Catherine Drusy, Marie Forsa, Chris Chittell, Peter Loury, Eric Edwards.

    Genre: Classic, Adult movie, Feature film, Teens, Hairy, Mature, Solo, Straight sex

    Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)
27 May 2023, 20:49
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