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    Seka movies

    Dorothea Patton was born and raised in Radford, Virginia, having, she recalled, “a plain, normal childhood” alongside one brother and one sister.
    She eventually adopted the screen name Seka, after a female blackjack dealer she knew in Las Vegas. She went on to star in more than 200 adult videos with a “break” in 1982, when she stopped shooting sex movies, claiming “they wouldn’t pay her what she wanted,” and turned to stripping and nude modeling while also running her own fan club. Subsequently she admitted that the HIV epidemic in the mid-1980s contributed to her decision to avoid the hardcore sex scene, saying “That’s why I don’t make movies any more . . . I like to live”. By the early 1990s she had returned to the porn industry to perform in a few final movies, her last being American Garter.
    Bellow are listed latest Seka movies. List is automatically updated when new posted with her are made. You can check the full Seka films list here
    Big Busty 3 - Seka, Seka, Seka - Featuring SEKA - GANZ IN FARBE - ALL COLOR - TOUT EN COULEURS! Edition: Big Busty Information: Holland published, USA, 1980
    Swedish Erotica film review 37 Featuring Seka and John Leslie! Edition: Swedish Erotica film review Publisher: Swedish Erotica Information: U.S.A. printed, 1990s
    Swedish Erotica film review 40 Featuring in this issue, the blonde bombshell superstar SEKA! Edition: Swedish Erotica film review Publisher: Swedish Erotica Information: U.S.A. printed, 1980s
    Swedish Erotica film review 39 Featuring cast: Seka Edition: Swedish Erotica film review Publisher: Swedish Erotica Information: U.S.A. printed, 1990s, International
    Seka Goes Hollywood (1980s) Edition: Seka Goes Hollywood Featuring cast: Jennifer West, Seka Information: U.S.A., 1980s
    Pretty Girls 13 - Seka I. Pretty Girls 8mm hardcore sex loop, featuring Seka. 8mm Color. Cast: Seka Quality: HD Country: U.S.A. published and produced, 1980s File Type: mp4
    Swedish Erotica 44 Edition: Swedish Erotica magazine Cast: Juliet Anderson, Seka Keywords: Classic sex, vintage magazine, sexy girls, mature, blonde, brunette, hairy pussy, big tits, stockings, lingerie, straight sex Information: Printed in U.S.A., 1980s File Type: JPEG / .RAR
    Introductions Part 2 Keywords: Introductions magazine, Part 2 Cast: Seka Information: US produced and published, International File Type: JPEG / .RAR
    Parliament Volume 1 - Sekas Snatch Keywords: Parliament magazine (color + black and white) Cast: Seka Country: US produced and published File Type: JPEG / .RAR
    John Holmes The Legend Keywords: Gourmet Edition magazine Cast: Lisa Deleew, Seka, John Holmes Country: US produced and published File Type: JPEG / .RAR
    Seka and John Holmes Alpine Sex. Classic Swedish Erotica 8mm color sex loop, featuring Seka and John Holmes. US produced. Threesome sex. Adult, Hardcore Sex.
    Downstairs Upstairs (1980s). US produced classic vintage sex film, featuring Sherisse, Kay Parker, Seka, RJ Reynolds, Lisa De Leeuw. Adult, Hardcore Sex. Downstairs, Upstairs is centered around a house maid named 'Olive', played by Sherrisse, a new and rising talent. Olive's job is with the
    Swedish Erotica loop. US produced Swedish Erotica 8mm vintage sex loop, featuring Desiree West, Seka and Mike Ranger. Threesome sex. Classic, 8mm Film, Hardcore Sex.
    Best of Gail Palmer (1981). Classic vintage sex film, featuring Delania Raffino, Carol Connors, Desiree Cousteau, Dorothy Lemay, Georgina Spelvin, Jesie St. James, Laurien Dominique, Lisa Sue Corey, Liz Eldridge, Liza Dwyer, Mai Lin, Penelope Jones, Seka. US produced. Classic movie, Adult, Hardcore
    Swedish Erotica 5. Swedish Erotica classic color sex magazine, featuring Seka, Juliet Anderson, John Holmes amongst others. US produced. Classic magazine, Adult, Hardcore Sex. JPEG format. High quality scans.
    Seka and Mike Ranger. US produced classic vintage sex short scene, featuring Seka and Mike Ranger. Twosome Sex. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
    Good Friends. US produced classic vintage sex scene, featuring Seka, unknown female and RJ Reynolds. Threesome sex. Classic, adult, hardcore sex.
    Seka the Housewife. US produced classic color sex vintage film, featuring Seka and Mike Horner. Threesome sex. Classic, adult, hardcore sex.
    Seka and Don Fernando. Vintage color sex short scene, featuring Seka and Don Fernando. Classic sex. Adult.
    Anal Sex with Seka. Classic vintage short scene, featuring Seka, Lysa Thatcher and Jesse Adams. Group Sex. Anal.
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