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    Serena. Born february 20, 1951 is an US former pornographic actress. She began by modelling for men’s magazines, then she moved on to adult films. She played in over 110 pornographic films between 1973 and 1988. In 1977 she appeared in Hustler while pregnant, becoming the first known pornographic actress to do so in any men’s magazine. Has been inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame as a “film pioneer”. Taxi Girls (1979), Afternoon Delights (1980), Erotic World of Serena (1980), Honey Throat (1980).
    Bellow are listed latest Serena movies. List is automatically updated when new posted with her are made. You can check the full Serena films list here
    Deep Rub (1979). US produced classic vintage color sex film, 1979. Featuring Annette Haven, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Sharon Kane, Aaron Stuart, John Holmes, Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex.
    Insatiable 1 (1980). Vintage color sex film, featuring Marilyn Chambers, David Morris, Jesie St. James, John Holmes, John Leslie, Mike Ranger, Richard Pacheco, Serena. Classic, Feature, Blowjob, Anal, Facial, Lesbian, Kissing, Blonde, Brunette, Masturbation, Oral, Pussy Licking, Natural Tits,
    Hot Love (1980). Vintage sex, featuring Serena, Tiffany Clark, Maria Tortuga, Jamie Gillis. Classic, Adult, Feature, Hairy, Blowjob, Oral, Pussy Licking, Blonde, Brunette, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Hairy, Facial, Creampie, Cumshot, Lesbian, Threesome Sex. US produced, 1980. This video has exactly
    Accouplements Pour Voyeurs (1980). AKA Peep Show Girls, Sex for Voyeurs. French produced vintage sex film, 1980. Featuring Alban Ceray, Dominique Aveline, Gabriel Pontello, Lucie Doll, Morgane, Richard Lemieuvre, Serena, Christine Lodes. Classic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Blowjob, Anal, Oral, Facial,
    Marilyn and the Senator (1975). Featuring Heather Leigh, Nina Fause, Bill Margold, Sharon Thorpe, Serena. US produced, 1975. Classic, Comedy, Feature, Oral, Hardcore, Blowjob, Natural Tits, Hairy, Blonde, Brunette, Lesbian, Facial, Big Cock, Threesome, Femdom, Cumshot, Pussy Licking. Carlos
    Les Nymphomanes (1980). Classic vintage color sex film, featuring Serena, France Lomay, Morgane, Olga Cris, Richard Lemieuvre, Jean-Pierre Armand. French produced. Directed by Burd Tranbaree (Claude Bernard-Aubert). Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. Morgane cleaning a mirror. She's Mattieu's maid and
    Honey Suckle Rose (1981). Featuring Bobby Astyr, Carter Stevens, Herschel Savage, John Holmes, Rikki O'Neal, Ron Hudd, Samantha Fox, Serena. Classic, Adult, Hardcore Sex. US classic color sex film. "Kate and Sam are a loving couple who want desperately to get rich. But when Kate blows their
    Serena vintage sex compilation. Classic vintage sex short film, featuring Serena and Jamie Gillis amongst others. US produced. Compilation.
    Chopstix (1979). AKA Chop Stix. Classic color sex adult film, featuring Samantha Morgan, Serena, Elaine Wells, Dorothy LeMay, Lori Blue, Don Fernando, Jill Morrison, Pat Rhea, Lee LeMay, Mike Horner, Jesse Adams, Ray Wells, Jane Geney, June Aiter, Connie Peterson, Dori Kay, Harry Freeman, June
    Joys of Erotica VHS Volume 2. JOE VHS. US 8mm color hardcore sex film compilation. 8mm sex loop compilation. VHS. Featuring Ashley Welles, Connie Cox, Kitsy Storme, Phaedra Grant, Serena, Tawny Pearl, Aaron Stuart, Blair Harris, Bob Presley, Holly McCall, Jon Martin, Mike Horner. US filmed.
    Trashi (1981). Classic adult feature film, featuring Carol Doda, Copper Penny, Dorothy Lemay, Lisa De Leeuw, Loni Sanders, Lysa Thatcher, Nicole Black, Serena, Sharon Mitchell, Tigr, David Morris, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Kevin James, Michael Morrison, Paul Thomas. Adult, sexy girls, mature,
    Screwples (1980). Featuring Andrea Lange, Cris Cassidy, Kandi Barbour, T.J. Carson, Kyoto Sun, Laurien Dominique, Liza Dwyer, Miko Yani, Mimi Morgan, Serena, Valerie Darlyn, Blair Harris, Richard Pacheco, Gary Baron, Jamie Gillis, John Seeman, Jon Martin, Ken Scudder. US produced, 1980. Classic,
    All Lesbian Peepshow Loops 612. Hardcore, rated xxx 70s, 80s all color. 8mm color sex films compilation. Smut from the past! American and European porno loops, arcade nudes and strippers. Featuring Holly McCall, Jane Linsay, Serena, Sue Nero, Tawny Pearl, Tina Russell, Vanessa Del Rio. Classic, 8mm
    Afternoon Delight 14 - Sister & Friend. US 8mm color loop, with audio (reel running). Adults Only.
    Pleasure Palace (1979). In one of his greatest roles, icon Eric Edwards plays an ex-cop turned opportunist criminal. With the help of his friend played R.Bolla, Edwards takes over a struggling massage parlor intending to turn it in to a money maker. An avalanche of money, prostitution and sex
    John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens (1979). Featuring Kitten, Serena, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Keli, Valerie Clarke, Bobbie Hall, John Holmes, Johnnie Keyes. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. US produced, 1979. It Took seven years to produce this magnificent erotic saga of the mighty Johnny
    Annette Haven Collection - For the Love of Pleasure (1979). US classic color sex film. Annette Haven compilation, featuring Annette Haven, Dorothy Lemay, H. Ming, Kyoto Sun, Lysa Thatcher, Monique Cardin (as Samantha), Serena, Sharon Kane, Susan Nero, Veri Knotty, Blair Harris, Jamie Gillis, John
    Mai Lin Versus Serena (1980s). Classic adult featuring film, featuring Mai Lin, Serena, Jesse Adams, Anne Fisher, Jade Wong, Margaret Smith, Monique DuBois, R. Haag, Robin Sane, Sheila Parks. US produced, 1980s. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. Adult film stars Mai Lin and Serena are both in the
    The Ecstasy Girls (1979). Featuring Desiree Cousteau, Georgina Spelvin, Laurien Dominique, Leslie Bovee, Nanci Suiter, Serena , Stacy Evans, Actors: Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Paul Thomas. US produced and published, 1979. Classic, Adult, Hardcore sex. A very complicated plot in which Jamie Gillis
    Schwarze Katzen-Weisse Haut (1979). AKA Blonde In Black Silk. Featuring Serena, Merle Michaels, David Bellow's, Arcadia, Eric Edwards, Erica Mathews, Jake Jeague, Susan Bell, Casey Rogers, Joel Kane, Bob Priesley, Ron Jeremy, Bobbie Burton, Bobby Astyr, Eddie Mitchel, Jeremy Deeds, George Anderson,
    Super 8 films, vintage 8mm color sex, stag movies, adult loops... Unknown and forgotten loops, rarest classic movies, adult vintage magazines and lobby cards. Vintage8mmporn.com offers thousands of 8mm hardcore sex films, the biggest vintage loops archive on the web.
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